A Case Of Hyper-Vent-Tillation.


A Case Of Hyper-vent-titillation.

Bed bound he suckles

nicotine's filtered tips

hyperventilating loudly

between the drawing

in of poison

through the hole

in his trachea.


Blood pressure monitors

beep like rush hour traffic

but the rush is in the

nicotine tie

he's smoke wrapped

around his

open gullet.

Cancer stole his throat

but left a

cigarette holder

his stoma inserted into

his tracheotomy

incised in the nape of his neck

where he stashes his vice

two packs daily

Doctors shake

their wise heads

and nurses

fluff his pillow

knowing fool well

his soul is

an ashtray

cremating his lungs

turning advice to vice

but he simply

blows smoke rings

a little lower now

 and wonders

at how straight

they fly out

from beneath


his chin and

across the

folds of his bed

*There is nothing that a fool
won't get used to.





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pbwriterchick profile image

pbwriterchick 6 years ago

So true! :) This would be my dad. He's smoked since his kindergarten year... on the playground. He chewed per my mom's request my first 18 years on this earth, but once I was gone... all bets off. Back to smokin. Ironically, now she smokes. And I do too. Fools... the whole lot of us... :)

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