A Chance Meeting Of two Survivors.

A Chance Meeting Of Two Survivors.

"His eye is on the sparrow,
and I know he watches me."

Tiny sparrow collides
with the glass,
that frames my sun porch,
Its bang disrupts my tea,
as I hurry to its aid.
Perhaps God's eye was on
some distant crisis in Iraq,
thus the mid-flight interruption.
I cradle the bird in my hands,
and study its beauty,
then suddenly it stirs,
eyes popping wide.
It trembles in my hand
as I open my fingers
till it flies free,
back into the blues
of an obstacle free sky.

I can almost feel God smile,
as it vanishes,
and I remember my times
of near death experiences,
when I beat against
the glass of eternity,
and fell broken to the earth,
and how he gave me wings again,
allowing me to sail on
to where I am today.


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