A Chant For A Baby-To-Be With No Reservations.


Whitebird flutters 

in a nest of flesh
very soon he'll  
spread his linbs and fly....
Mama feels him kick
'neath her maternity dress,
while thanking the
Great Spirit in the sky.

From a tiny egg
this precious life began,
swarmed by pappa's
love and fertilized,
swollen belly rising
like the morning sun,
in just a few moons
life will grace his eyes.

Love can grow
in many ways
but this kind's
best of all
two become
as one and
then make three,
years will fly like eagles
till he's finally standing tall
all grown up with
joyous memories.

Whitebird flutters
in a nest of flesh,
soon he'll sleep in
cradled wraps of blue
mother's milk
fresh on his lips,
he'll burble and he'll coo,
God's gift from far above
sent down to you.

Cherish every moment
that he spends
entranced with you,
my own sweet son
turned fifteen recently
in three more seconds....
three more years....
I won't know what to do,
when he's headed
off to college
far from me.

May all your
days be fruitful
in the warm glow
of your son.
and though that
cord is cut
love's ties remain
God puts a little
dimpled bud
on every belly born,
to remind us of
the glory and
the pain.

So here's to you ,
new mom and dad,
and precious baby boy,
May all your days be
filled with utter peace,
find treasured mirth

in what birth will release
try hard to let
not one be sad,
in every way
make his heart glad
then when he holds
his own dear son,
his fortune at that
moment will increase
as he re-shares the
wondrous love he had.






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Micky Dee 6 years ago

Very nice. I wish for the simplicity and greatness of this love. Thanks

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