A Cream Of Dreams Soup.

A cream of dreams soup.



Churning, broiling, simmering,
a verbal soup stews in
the bowl of my cranium.
When I am stirred up,
possibilties are noodles
softened by the hardening of hopes.
Poetry is the
meat of the matter
that adds richness
to the brain broth,
with tiny sips doled out
to others who "oooo and ahhh,"
or simply spew it out.
Steam rises from the passions
that are heating above
my souls eternal flame.
A spoon would be my publisher
granting the world
a delightful taste
of what I can create,
with just the right mix
of in-greed-ients.
This is my humble entre
to the smorgasbord
you have laid out.
Let the readers digest
and then perhaps
a large variety
of alphabet soup,
will flow into the
bowls of thier
craniums as well.

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