A Date with Life

On a date with life, I am

On a date with hope and her,

The three of us would sit together whisper to our melancholy, strum our pain, listen to the melody of our memories, and whimper from the tight chains on the soul.

On a date with my lines, sprinkle on them a passion threatened with a muzzle,

A passion that resists the tightening of chains around its nick, the silencing of the tribune of love, and the menace of safety outflow.

I walk down the cold city’s streets tossing a snow ball between the frozen faces, looking for a heart to be a pillow for my heart to lie on.

I hear the trees whispering to me to embrace me with their bare branches adding to the nakedness of my soul.

I return to my room all alone with a cigarette in one hand covering with its smoke my heart anguish, and a paper in the other hand of a date with a pin and hope.

On a date with life, I am

On a date with a story that serves me my morning coffee, and my night milk.

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Dinalicious profile image

Dinalicious 6 years ago

Wow, real nice... keep it up, can't wait to read all the rest

Nady profile image

Nady 6 years ago from Toronto Author

thx a million Dinalicious. glad you came by

Dinalicious profile image

Dinalicious 6 years ago

no problem Nady :)

profile image

Website Examiner 6 years ago

I found this touching and profound, yet unpretentious.

Nady profile image

Nady 6 years ago from Toronto Author

Website Examiner:I'm so glad my words are touching :)

Thx for stopping by.

D.G. Smith profile image

D.G. Smith 6 years ago

I just love your poetry; I hope to read more of it in the future. Simply excellent!

epigramman profile image

epigramman 6 years ago

I'm on a date with your hubs and what a life that is!!!

Simply divine!!!

Nady profile image

Nady 6 years ago from Toronto Author

epigramman:you are very welcome to my hubs. Thank you

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