A Day At The Races, Part IX. WOW Fan-Fiction


It was midnight by the time I got back to my tent, and the street party to celebrate the starting preliminaries was conspicuously absent. Given that it was to mourn Sizzle’s death, I thought it in poor taste to consider the silence a blessing.

            They never knew how close they all came to oblivion, the thousands sleeping in tents and shacks. And that’s OK. I’m here so they don’t have to know.

            I was so tired; I barely made it to my cot before I collapsed. No time to pull off my boots or hang up the twins, only five hours of rest until I had to get up and do it all over again.

            All in all, it was just another day at the races.

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ButterflyWings profile image

ButterflyWings 5 years ago

So, friend, where is the rest of this story? I demand to know more!

Jarn profile image

Jarn 5 years ago from Sebastian, Fl Author

That's all she wrote, I'm afraid. This was meant to be a hardboiled mystery piece that just kept getting sillier because of the fantasy universe it was placed in. Not surprisingly, I just imagined myself as the dwarf/lead character/narrator and immediately found the right mix of pessimism, sarcasm, restrained violence, misanthropy, and a soft spot for people that he later categorizes as momentary bouts of stupidity.

I put it together for a contest hosted by Blizzard Entertainment last year. They never did announce the winner. To be honest, I think they forgot about it. Since I got tired of waiting, I put it up here.

Honestly, I had to rush the last three scenes. Had to keep it under 7.5k words. Otherwise I would've lengthened out the reveal in the jailhouse and put together a huge climactic fight scene involving hordes of giant insects (silithids), the goblin zepplin fleet, a last ditch defense on the oil derrick, and Konkrider accidentally killing the silithid queen when it bites his pants off, accidentally ingesting the whole tin of Night Elf Effervescents that Konkrider confiscated from his deputy earlier. All the lozenges at once promptly causes a metabolic explosion deep within the queen. Why? Because it clearly said on the tin they were meant for night elves.

Of course, the ending is when he trudges back into his tent at the end of the day and collapses even before he's got his boots off. That's exactly how the story began, implying this sort of thing is what he deals with every day.

ButterflyWings profile image

ButterflyWings 5 years ago

I recognized the MC. ;)

Well, anyway, it was fun while it lasted. If you ever got the urge, you could always edit it here, and put in all those things you just talked about...some day when you're really bored. Supposing, of course, that somebody doesn't find all those contest entries - and yours among them - on the bottom of some stack in the back bedroom, and decide to announce a winner. :D

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