A Day At The Races, Part VI. WOW Fan-Fiction


The office was a corner of the warehouse sectioned off by overlapping plates of sheet metal—like a house within a house. It was placed in the far back, next to cold storage. The occupant liked it cold, dark, and damp.

            That changed when I kicked the door in.

            Kravel didn’t look up from his ledgers.

            “Kravel Koalbeard, you’re under arrest on suspicion of the murder of Sizzle Brassbolt.”

            That got his attention. “What? He’s dead?”

            “You’re coming with me for questioning, Mr. Koalbeard.”

            Kravel’s bushy brows widened. He chuckled and pulled a double-barreled blunderbuss from its hiding spot beneath his desk. “You and what army’s going to make me?”

            I snapped my fingers. The office walls caved in before the fury of thirty Thrall’s Angels, hell-bent and blood-hungry.

            Kravel’s head turned as if on a swivel, noting the swords, knives, maces, axes, and polearms held ready. Ancestor’s below! That look in his eyes: another “oh, shit” moment. It was almost better than coffee!

            I smiled. “This one.”

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