A Doorway Between

A circle of salt on barren grass

A hood covering a bonny lass

Five candles lit and spread like a star

Distance in her eyes thinking afar

Ignorant and foolish, believing well read

Attempting a summoning of the dead.

Walking around the circle tight

Trying to reach for ghostly might

Gates and doors thrown open wide

Startled she has no time to hide

A blade of grass across the circle lay

Breaking the barrier for the wiley Fae

With a blur of blue and reddish light

The Fae escapes into the night

The bonny lass lay on the ground

A cold, and crying shaking mound

Mischief abounds with Faery glee

Dogs and cats turn and flee

A cackle, a giggle and a twist and turn

The Faery leaves the lass to learn

Playing with forces she does not know

Is a way to ensure, old, she may not grow.

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AudreyHowitt profile image

AudreyHowitt 3 years ago from California

You tell a scary tale!

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