A Father's Gift

The Lesson

There is a time to stay and a time to stray,

It’s something we all should know.

Though life is tough, you learn soon enough,

When you are ready to go.


So I left my toys to begin my voyage,

While I was still barely a teen.

In my prime I knew it was time,

To do more than just dream.


I’d made my decision, it was a new rendition

Of an age old song.

There was a need to sow my seed,

So I asked, “What went wrong?”


In the fading light of that very night,

After I said my adieus.

My Dad came to me before I could leave,

“We don’t have any time to lose.”


“Let’s have a drink,” he said with a wink,

“To toast your departure.

It might be our last, let’s celebrate our past,

Followed by a toast to your future.”


We met at the bar, it wasn’t too far,

Where he began to pour.

Sure I was young and how it stung,

‘til we came to about number four.


My Dad had style after drinking awhile,

Though I could hardly stand.

So I shuffled to bed feeling half dead,

Not quite what I had planned.


Dad in his own wise way taught me to stay,

Knowing I would probably lose

Any war waged at that young age,

If I couldn’t handle a little booze!


© Kevin W. Downs


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The RV Guy profile image

The RV Guy 5 years ago from Somewhere In America Author

Thank you so much for your kind words, Prickly Flower...

Prickly Flower profile image

Prickly Flower 5 years ago from Netherlands

Beautiful poem! Funny, yet wise.

The RV Guy profile image

The RV Guy 5 years ago from Somewhere In America Author

Thanks, Sunnie...

profile image

Sunnie Day 5 years ago

The wisdom of a father at its best..Great poem.


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