A Father's Wish

Thoughts on the futures of my three sons....

Beyond my wish that men might share,

And need be in the past,

My Father's Wish for you my sons

Is that you really care.

Care about each other first,

And then expand yourselves;

Tend each proud person's pride,

And seek to quench real thirsts.

Truth know, the past, the now,

To shape man's future years;

To teach true love somehow,

And comfort give for tears.

Helping hands are there to find;

You need not act alone.

Kinship of heart and mind

Counts more than flesh and bone.

True brotherhood, God's gift,

May start with one, then two.

True self outside yourself,

As others, too you sift.

Seek blessings that fulfill your role:

To be the unique you;

Then paths before you will unfold,

And lead you to your soul.

In short,

I wish you each grow whole.

The Soul's progress....

Is your soul what it has become at any point in time? (Comments welcome below)

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