The Flower Of Life

First comes the seed that we sow in the ground,

like a prayer from the Lord

it soon get's around.

Second is the root

a new life has been born,

like us in our teachings

in God we transform.

Third comes the shoot

which peers through the soil,

although new to this world

take heed not to spoil.

Fourth is the stem

so tall and upright,

prepare for the battle

you may have to fight.

Fifth is the bud just waiting to flower,

although may seem weary

it's full of God's power.

Sixth is the petal

so colourful and grand,

just beaming so brightly

from a heavenly hand.

Seventh is the heart

which gives it it's life,

of happiness and sadness-

of goodness and strife.

But never forgetting

that it still has the power.

All of this like us

is the life of a flower.

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