A Friend's Letter

A friend’s letter:

I have taken Istekhara – God’s advice on whether I should paste the write up below for the Hub readers. The Istekhara came, ‘do; you will receive immense beneficence’. This letter is from my friend Mohammad Ashraf in Winnipeg Canada. Sunday the 9th of January 2011 a rally with banners was taken out in Karachi by Jamat-e Islami and Jamiat-e Ulma-ay Islam. The chiefs of both of these political parties justified the killing of Shaheed Salman Taseer and banners said release the murderer Mumtaz Qadri. This kind of leadership supportive of the murderers is tragic; they want to bring a holocaust in Pakistan sometime of their choosing. Do they think they will not be called to recount of their acts on the day of the judgement?

Poet Zamir Jaferi says in refutation to these Ulema's design of uniting terminal elements on an at hand issue to proclaim of their agenda:

Arzoo Mein Chaukas Hum Justujoo Mein Kahil Hum
Aalimoan Ki Dunya Mein Behtareen Jahil Hum

In longings, ahead of cleverness I, in deliberations lithargic I
I am the finest ignorant in the world of the learned

Please read the content of Mohammad Ashraf’s letter:

Recent killing of a Governor in Pakistan for supporting some amendments in Blasphemy Laws of Pakistan is another hot topic. It is motivating general public to go and kill anyone who says something objectionable according to Islamic perception.

I am pasting my first letter on this subject that is published today in the Daily Times of Pakistan as under.


Letters to the Editor, The Daily Times,

Shaheed Salmaan Taseer — II

Sir: The assassination of Salmaan Taseer is a shameful and heinous crime in the name of protection of the Prophet’s (PBUH) honour. Apparently, the cause seems to be the bold and courageous stand that he took to provide justice to Aasia Bibi. He and Sherry Rehman stood up for a right cause of repealing or amending the current section 295-C in the Pakistan Penal Code (PPC) of Pakistan that carries the death penalty for alleged defaming of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH). This law can be used to victimize the religious minorities and personal opponents.

Both the media and our clergy have played their parts in provoking and exciting the public and in mobilizing extremist views in the name of blasphemy through street agitations in various parts of Pakistan. Neither the Muslim clergy nor the media has been able to educate the public on this issue that the blasphemy laws, as chalked out and enacted in the Pakistan Penal Code, are not a Quranic verdict. The proponents of the laws cannot justify their stance based on Quranic verses. If we intend to follow the guidance of previous faiths, then our own faith becomes redundant.

No one should pass derogatory remarks against any religion or its founder. However, if one is found guilty of the crime, he/she should be punished by imprisonment or fine to set a deterrent for others to learn and avoid, but not by the death penalty as it is a barbarous punishment that does not find justification in Islam and portrays our religion as an extremely intolerant faith.

All those who are instrumental in this crime should be punished, especially the Maulana who were offering head money to persuade people to kill Aasia Bibi. In their extremist views, they might be assuming that Allah is not capable of punishing the culprits.

May God guide them to come out from this religious ignorance, correct their approach towards humanity and live and let others live in peace and harmony.

Winnipeg, Canada

If Muslims in general continue to be hijacked by our clergy in order to follow their biased and narrow version of Islam, we may have to face a situation parallel to ethnic killing that happened in Yugoslavia.

M. Ashraf

Let true Islam rule the hearts and the minds of our countrymen in Pakistan. The Hadees of the Messenger of God is:

Asaas-e Islam Hubbi, Wa Hubbay Ahlebaait.

“The founding of Islam is love for me and love for my progenies”.

The Ulema should teach that the Prophet SAWW desires love in the populace rather than the fieriness to kill. And the journalist in the Jang London of the 11th January, equating criticism on construed sectarianism and molesting of fallacious faith with blasphemy, with his cheery Fatwa to kill such indulgent is his perversion! Such journalists have to be restrained and removed from their impious and unprofessional duty and they ought to be sent to the Shia schools of the Aehlebaait to learn of true Islam.


Sayed Athar Husain

Afkar-e Shia (Shia Thought)



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Aliabbas Syed 5 years ago

Thank you for posting this article. It was a cold blooded murder and justice should be served, but I want to know the ruling of Ayatollah Sistani on actual punishment of this particular muderer and of a blasphemous person.


Aliabbas Syed

Afkar-e-Shia Member

SayedAthar Husain profile image

SayedAthar Husain 5 years ago from London Author

Dear Syed,

The Sunni Muslims have a Mufti and the Shia Muslims, Marja (one who is turned to) They give verdict in cases and the rest of the Muslims are the bearers of the verdict to execute it.

The edict of death is apparent in the cases of blasphemy, but a thorough investigation is imperative and if the Marja knows,the faith status, character and the Islamic standing of the accused is above blasphemy, he will not give such verdict.

Governor Salman Taseer was a Muslim and more so one speaking for the oppressed (and it was also a question of interfaith strenghtning). He never said a word degrading in relation to the Prophet SAWW, and he said so in his press release it was unthought of. But the politically wound up press media and the illiterate clergy gave fatwa against him. And he talked of threat to him.

And he said this law has been misused in the past and it should be reviewed. Rana Sanaullah the Law Minister of Punjab also said similar things on the TV in one of the anchors programme. But he was not touched since he is a friendly supporter of the terrorists. So you see there is no yard stick to measure innocence and the guilt. it is only the whim which decides it in Pakistan.

The things will never change there unless they shun the Fiqah of their four student Imams and take to the House of the Twelve Imams - the progenies of the Prophet SAWW. The Sunni population at present is easily provoked. The problem is they are wound up to declare they love the honour of the Prophet, that is praise worthy but other things the Prophet loved they do not know.

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