The Joys Of Spring

How joyous we are to see spring arrive.

The first bud on the tree's

the sign of crocus and daffodils.

The sound of new lambing

in far away fields,

and the long wait to rid us on winter.

the signs of spring
the signs of spring

Nature now plays it's part

in starting new life

from everywhere around,

as slowly the fields are blanketed in floral bouquet.

Where all creatures alike bare their young.

The weather slowly turning from a wintry cold

to a fresh spring morn,

as it let's go of it's bleak memories

of the past few months.

The sun just appearing through the clouds

as it reminds us just how long it has been.

The early morning full of sweet birdsong in the air

as all of a sudden,

life is so busy and live again.

Church bells ringing out

as we start this dawn on a new season.

How joyous we are to see spring arrive.

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