Poetry: A Glance in the Mirror

Who is this person?

In the mirror that I see

Where did this woman come from?

How did she come to be?

Eyes low, dark circles surround

Face withdrawn to the world

No longer a trace

Of that care free little girl

The weight of the world gets heavier

Starts to really weigh you down

Only 20 long years old

Yet feel so close to the ground

Bitterness sets in daily

Your life's rut becomes clear

Daily grind never changing

Your marriage brings tears

Your life becomes another

So much at stake in one soul

So much in forever

Till you both grow old

But her I sit

In this mirror aghast

My eyes cleared yet blurred

With the many ghosts of my past

If you are always that person

It won't just go away

You don't get to change your shoes

At the beginning of the day

Sometimes I wish I could go

Where there is not one known face

That I could just go away

This present person erased

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HattieMattieMae profile image

HattieMattieMae 3 years ago from Limburg, Netherlands

Yes, very nice poem you have. The moments of our dark souls when we have felt emotions and feelings.

kaiyan717 profile image

kaiyan717 4 years ago from West Virginia Author

I did, thanks. This was an older poem I found in a notebook, so I thought to share it. Thanks for the read Aj!

ajwrites57 profile image

ajwrites57 4 years ago from Pennsylvania

kaiyan717--a sad and haunting poem. I think we can all identify with that person in the mirror at different times of our lives. The emotions you express are strong. I hope that girl in the mirror found hope. :0{

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