A Gorilla with His N.Y. Times

A Gorilla with His N.Y. Times
A Gorilla with His N.Y. Times | Source

Yup, just like many others of us, financial adviser Ming Mong must start his business day with several freshly brewed cups of dark rich coffee, a healthy breakfast of egg-white frittata and fruit, and — of course — his N.Y. Times.

How else can the up-and-coming gorilla-about-town keep up in the urban jungle? How have his stock picks fared overnight? Is that co-op above Central Park still available? What Broadway hits must he see before they become too severely panned? Where in the city can he find the best take-out kosher deli pickles? Euros or dollars or gold this week? When is the premiere party for that fabulous show of Impressionists at the Guggenheim? Can he make the late morning ferry to Staten Island? Who’s new to the best-seller lists?

(And — perhaps most pressing of all — how else will he know when the observation deck of the Empire State Building might be open to him and his main squeeze?) 

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CMCastro profile image

CMCastro 5 years ago from Baltimore,MD USA

Ahh- how charming this marsupial's noggin must feel when he becomes informed with the essential news and the trivial tabloid: I do believe monkeys and apes are intelligent as well as attractive! Maybe we should encourage Ming Mong to be a follower of "breakfastpop" who always encourages us with daily hubs to be nourished before tackling the daily news. I continue to enjoy your originality!

rickzimmerman profile image

rickzimmerman 5 years ago from Northeast Ohio Author

Thanks much, CM. Glad to have an avid reader.

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