A Guide to Writing on Infobarrel for Profit


Infobarrel - The Next Big Thing
Infobarrel - The Next Big Thing

More and more online writers are beginning to discover infobarrel.com, the next big thing when it comes to online writing and residual income streams.

Infobarrel currently has a google page rank of 4, allowing its authors a pretty good deal of exposure via search engines. Additionally, infobarrel offers its writers a very generous 75% of adsense revenue and at times upwards of 90% for infobarrel contest winners.

While infobarrel does not pay its writers directly, it allows you to submit your google adsense publisher ID in order to receive credit for ads that are hosted and clicked via articles you contribute to the site.

Infobarrel's Founder

Success on Infobarrel

Having success on infobarrel requires knowing how it is different from other article writing and profit-sharing sites. One of infobarrel's many boons is its ease of use and high intra-site traffic; you can expect to see many pageviews very quickly after publishing a new article depending upon its content and category.

The other helpful thing about infobarrel is its built in "Things To Do" menu which shows, at a glance, all the articles and overview pages that infobarrel still needs to have written. You can click one of these titles and fill out an article right there. This is an insider tip; not to be missed. By filling out these article and overviews you are basically guaranteeing yourself significant page views.

I have personally written several overview articles and found them to have up to and over 500 views at once almost immediately after being published!

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Top Three Tips For Making Good Money on Infobarrel

1. Use the "Things To Do" Menu.

Infobarrel has a built-in menu on the site's top navigation bar called "Things To Do". This menu is full of the articles and overview articles (which are the lead cover pages in their respective category) which Infobarrel staff have already decided are important to have completed. This is prime real estate that you can claim if you are quick and motivated.

This menu is your friend. Your amazing and underappreciated friend. This menu is giving you real and direct industry insight into articles and overview pages that are already going to be winners because they cover major points of traffic. If you write any of the articles listed in this section, you can feel confident that someone who knows what they're doing from an s.e.o perspective has already earmarked your topic because it will typically draw a lot of hits.

2. Be Friendly

Infobarrel has built in social-networking features that will be familiar to anyone that has used facebook, IMs, a cell phone or a rock with their friend's name taped to it. It's easy to friend people.


It is a lot better than you are at predicting what is going to be a well-trafficked title.

Track My Experience on InfoBarrel.com as I learn about SEO


Check out this forum thread where I recently solicited some SEO assistance from some of Infobarrel.com's top article guru's. These guys understand how to properly research keywords before committing to writing an article.

If you are interested in learning how the pro's do it, check out Travis Aitch's excellent and easy to follow article on performing proper keyword research for all your articles. The trick is to identify keyword phrases that are receiving high monthly searches but also have low enough competition amongst advertisers that any article you write using them will have a good chance of being seen within the first 3 pages of google's search results. Travis's article can be found right here:


Even within 5 minutes of reading this article you can be improving your articles' search results standings and reaping the benefits in terms of increased exposure and higher adsense revenue! I kept Travis's article open in one tab on my browser while I did my research in other tabs, which allowed me to pop back and consult his guide whenever I was stuck.

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passionate77 profile image

passionate77 3 years ago

great hub with nice information i just bookmarked the page, thanks and blessings for sharing!

stusFooth 3 years ago

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Sleessuth 3 years ago

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nick 4 years ago

Great article It really helped me.


peachpurple profile image

peachpurple 4 years ago from Home Sweet Home

Great tips. I just joined IB too. Just had my 1st artcle approved.

4 hour body 5 years ago

I just started my infobarrel account a few days ago and am ready to post my first 10 articles. I'm going to hit the Things To Do Menu after these are up and running.

Zack 6 years ago

Good call my man, thanks =)

jpwriter profile image

jpwriter 6 years ago

Good info. InfoBarrel is great! I also like your "join now" section at the top. I am just getting the hang of this site, so seeing new features is awesome.

Just a bit of feedback. If it were me, I would not say this here "You click their ads, they click your ads, hooray." I think you mean well and since I'm on IB I know we can click others w/o much fear of repercussion, as long as it's not our ID#. But, to someone new, I think it sounds misleading and possibly encourages click fraud. That's just how I hear it when I read it.

Just trying to look out for a fellow IBer. :)

traderx profile image

traderx 6 years ago from Las Vegas

Great job on your hubs

Never_Forget profile image

Never_Forget 6 years ago

Great hub Zach! Thanks for the mention ;-) Glad I could help!

Jeanie 6 years ago

Awesome tips, thank you!

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