A Haiku - The Children

The Children ....

Innocence and purity can lead to righteous choices; it must.
Innocence and purity can lead to righteous choices; it must. | Source

A Haiku - The Children

Tolerated? Shucks!

Welcomed, guided, loved. Forgive!

Children after all!

Like a garden, too.

Given time to grow, nurtured,

Weeded too, at times.

Adults can appear,

Fully formed with richness, too.

Proud "guard-ner" parents.

Thoughts on this world's challenges facing our children....

What a difference it makes, whether one makes the choices David made with Uriah and Bathsheba, or the choices Joseph made when confronted by Potiphar's wife and wrongful imprisonment. In the one case David's absolute power led to absolute corruption. In the other case absolute faithfulness led to absolute power. How striking the difference.

We need a generation of children who have been taught and learned to make the righteous choices.

"A-Haiku-Children" is a companion haiku piece. It recounts the purity of a child and the very apparent love and nurturing being received from her mother. I hope you will read it, too.

Today, every day, children are faced with choices, difficult, challenging choices for which they are often unprepared.

The biblical heroes David and Joseph faced such choices in their lives. Each faced the identical choice. One ran to it. One ran from it. The outcomes of those choices were starkly different.

Both were raised by good parents. Both were favored of God. David used his absolute power to stray into fateful disaster, while Joseph used his pitiful circumstances to rise to absolute power by virtue of his righteous choice.

Parents can, and must, prepare their children so well that in each critical moment of choice the children can make the right choice, and continue to make right choices.

Cheerleaders learned their cheers through practice and sound coaching. Righteous children learn righteousness through practice, good coaching, and good examples

The end result comes from the teamwork.
The end result comes from the teamwork. | Source

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Perspycacious profile image

Perspycacious 2 years ago from Today's America and The World Beyond Author

Thanks, Eric, for catching the typo in this one. I'm glad you liked it.

aviannovice profile image

aviannovice 2 years ago from Stillwater, OK

I believe that we have all learned by example, and that I think, is the best way.

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