"A Halloween Fright"

The Snake Demon
The Snake Demon

A brutal test of courage on a dark and stormy night...

...is what befell this small, young boy at the age of 12. His name not known, his face misplaced. Only in the depths of Hell can he be traced. It all started on All Hallows Eve, The night the demons all come out. The witches, the ghosts, the goblins, the beasts. They all come out to trick, they all come out to feast. Little did he know, he was on the menu that night. It was sure to turn out to be a great Halloween Fright, for his family and his friends, they knew not where he had been, or what he was doing, or what he had planned. He usually was bad, he usually prepared, a terrible, a mean, a haunting little scare. But this Halloween, the joke was on him, and no one would ever see him again.

     He was outside the docks of Fisherman's Square, working on a project no one would dare. It was sure to have the town screaming. It was sure to be a blast, when they all ran aghast. But as the ideas twisted and turned inside his head, all the while he was awakening the dead. They thrived on his evil thoughts, they flocked to his mortal spirit, they longed for his untimely death, they craved his indifferent soul. To get it was the goal. It seemed fairly easy enough, he was of the simple minded, arrogant at best but ignorant all the same. He seemed to be fearless and demeaning, pranking was his game. He cared not who he hurt, he'd push them in the dirt, if it meant he won the prize. So the ghostly spirits awaited, they awaited the perfect time.

     All alone he stood, amidst the pearly white boats, plotting his dreaded scary surprise, when out of the water he spotted a pair of freakishly, creepy, bloodletting eyes. As the water turned red, he tried to jump out of place, but his legs were anchored down in the mud. He tried to move backwards, but all he could do was fall, hitting his head with a thud. It was hours before he came to, his head all in a knot. He was lying on shore, miles away from the dock. "How did I get here? What happened?" he asked, for nothing he could recall. Not the red eyes, not the deep fear, not even the fall. He got up, and hoked it up to an asthma attack, sometimes he would pass out from not being able to breathe. He never worried about it because he knew once he passed out he would involuntarily start to breathe right again. He was never one to go to a Doctor, or listen to his step parents, or anyone for that matter. He would just come and go as he pleased. He was a wanderer, a free spirit. Brave. He went back to what he was doing, like nothing had happened, but he felt a bit different, he felt a bit strange. He thought maybe he was coming down with a cold. Afterall it was a bit chilly outside and here he was playing around in the water. As time went by though, the feeling got worse. It was as if somehow he was under a spell, under a curse. He started to grow faint, his color fading fast. Light began to dim, everything, a shadow it cast. Lurking behind them was the creature, all he could see was its eyes, red dots glowing in the dark of the night. A panic attack came on, he struggled to breathe, his inhaler gave him no reprieve. Slowly the creature got closer and closer. He closed his eyes in hopes that it would disappear. When he opened them, it was gone from in front of him, only to be behind him breathing at his ear. The creature was on his back. He spoke in a serpants tongue, this slithering beast. "My, my, my, what do we have here, I sssseeee? A pranksssster in our midssst. Are you ssscared, my dear boy?" He kind of hissed.
     "N,n,no. I'm n,n,not scared." the boy stuttered. Clearly he was the creature thought. He could hear his heart flutter.
     "Hmm...me thinkssss that you are. But, you ssshouldn't be. I sssimply want to offer you ssssomething, onccce in a lifetime opportunity. Would you like to know what it isss?"
     "Su,su, sure." The boy was shaking now, still feeling quite nauseous.
The snake creature laughed a slightly evil laugh. "Hahaha, I wassss betting that you would. Come hither." He pulled the boy closer with his tail. "Look into my eyes. Tell me what you want more than anything in thisss world." Even his eyes seemed to slither.
The boy thought for a moment, wrapped up in this strange thing's tail. Suddenly, he was no longer afraid. He still felt sick in its presence though. He looked into those bloodshot eyes, trickles of blood falling down the sides. "What I want is to scare everyone to death."
The snake squeazed the boy tighter, to where he had to gasp for breath. "Asssss you wissssh." Then he let him go and he was gone. Immediately the boy felt better, and the lighting went to normal. He was starting to think there must be something in this water, or he was going crazy. Was all that real? Maybe. Just maybe.

     It was starting to get late and his job was not yet done. He had to scare everyone. Anyone who knew him would stay away, so it was up to him to bring the fright to them, his little jokes and pranks so grim. He thought about the serpent and agreed he wouldnt let fear take him in. He was the one dishing it out tonight, and Halloween was his favorite night. What he didnt know was that the serpent was watching his every move, his every sway and every groove, menacing. People started entering the boat yard where the boy and the serpent was lying in wait. Also, where the biggest party of the year was held, Manny and Tweet's Big Birthday Halloween Bash. It was sure to be a smash. Manny and Tweet were the talk of the town, one of the few people of color there and they were filthy rich. Their parents owned the boat yard and the dock and several boats and yachts there. They also owned a huge cruise ship that was currently in Hawaii. The party was not only for Halloween but for the both of them, being twins, for their birthday, which conviently fell on Oct. 31st. They were turning 21 tonight, being also the youngest kids in town, other than for our main character, so everyone was invited to the festivities. No one invited our boy anywhere, he was a loner and a jokester. He was usually lurking around anyway. Everyone was of age and ready to party and drink the free booze that Manny and Tweets parents provided. The party was held in 3 different yachts, all next to each other, tied at the dock. At a quarter to midnight everyone would pile into one yacht, (it was a big yacht and it was a small town) and they would go out to sea. There was a legend in these parts of a great sea serpent that only came out on the most haunting of nights, and only at the witching hour. This is where our boy came in, with his scare so sour.

     The party was going well as it drew closer to twelve. Our boy, lets call him John for now, was putting a few final touches to his project. He had to make sure everything was in proper working order, with not a single defect. He had made a very life-like mechanical sea serpent the size of at least one of the smaller yachts, which was still pretty big for a young boy to make and control. He was very smart but never put his smarts into action at school. School bored him, so he just didnt go. It was never challenging enough for him, all the other students quite slow. Plus the school was 40 miles away in the next town. So in all his free time he had, he thought of new and exciting ways to scare people. Every year it would be something different and more frightening than the last. Every year he would build and create something better than in the past. This year he learned of the legend of the sea serpent and decided what better way to scare the superstitious folk of the town, than to use the town's very own folklore. They didnt know what they had in store. But neither did our boy.

     Midnight was nigh, it was easy to tell. Manny and Tweet was gathering everyone up into the biggest yacht they owned. Some drunk, some still sober. Everyone was eager to see if the legend was real, if they would see a monster tonight, in this small town of Clover. It was said to have been seen out in the deepest parts of the water, where the fisherman didnt even dare to go, out by Old Man River's cave, another town legend. It is said that an old man got stuck out at sea once, made his way to this cave and made it his home. He made furniture out of the old debri that he came afloat on, from him sinking his own ship, with over 20 people aboard. It is said that he went crazy one night and drove the ship right into a bunch of rocks, head on. The boat, made of wood, easily fell to pieces, but the water was too murky, the current too hard for anyone to survive the sinking. Yet, somehow he made it to shore, stumbled upon a safe haven and has been residing there since. No one has ever seen the man, but have seen a light flickering down at the entering of the cave. It was too dangerous to ever venture out there though, so people just believed, and made up stories.

     The party made its way to the deepest, darkest depths of the sea and anchored the yacht. Then, they waited. Manny turned off the stereo that was playing, and Tweet put down her bottle of expensive champagne. They listened, they looked, for a sign, for anything. Some of the drunks were snickering in the background, making shrewd comments. "There's nothing out there man. Let's get drunk!"
Tweet scowled at the guy. "I think you're already drunk. Now, shut up. I think I heard something." She looked out in the distance. There was definitely something out there. She looked at the time on her cell phone. "It is now midnight."
     "Not a minute to spare." John was miles away from the group on a little flat boat, remote control in hand. He steered his scary contraption straight at them at a surprising speed. There facial expressions were sure to be grand. He'd be able to see it all through his robot's eyes. They had cameras built inside. The screen was right on front of the remote that controlled his creation. It looked real enough with a material perfect for its skin, but the dark helped and so did the water. They wouldnt know the difference.
     "I really see something, you guys. Look." Tweet was scared now. The legend was true.
The water was swaying with movement and splashing with sound. Something was definitely out there. As it got closer, the gang moved back, away from the sides of the yacht. John made it hit the underneath of the boat just once to freak everyone out. He could hear them scream from far away. He laughed. Next, he had it jump out of the water over 20 feet high, it towered over the yacht and the people on it, from the other side. Everyone turned around and saw the sea serpent for the first time. "It's real!" Tweet screamed. Everyone screamed. They couldnt run. They couldnt hide. John's monster roared, and everyone fainted. Fell down...and died. John saw everyone fall and thought it a little strange, but his overall goal had been achieved. He scared everyone to death, but he didnt know it was literally to death.

     After a few minutes of unstoppable laughter, he noticed that no one was getting up. The serpent had retreated back into the water and was now back at John's side. But they were still down and out for the count. "What's going on?" He asked himself. He decided he ought to go check it out. If anything, they realized he was up to his no good, dirty tricks, and were in return playing him. "No, my snake was perfect. It looked too real. They would never suspect it a fake." He went over it in his head. "They were scared shitless." He said. He reached the yacht and turned off his motor. It was quiet, too quiet. He pulled up to the yacht, tied his boat to it and climbed aboard. Everyone was gone. "What the... Where could they have went?" John looked around, he searched the boat 3 times over, but not a soul was found. There's no way they could have went anywhere. No one else was around, he would have seen them. It would have taken them just as long, if not longer than it took him to reach the yacht, plus how long it took to get everyone transferred, plus it would have had to be a big enough boat to fit everyone. There was no way. The water was too deep and too cold, and the current too strong right here for them to have got out and swam, and where would they have gone? The only land close enough was Old Man River's cave. They wouldnt dare go in there. He looked over at it and swore he saw a light flicker. "Nahh." He shrugged off the idea and continued looking around, for a clue, for a sign, for anything telling him where everyone could be. Then he heard a rattling behind him. His stomach curled. "Oh no, not you again." He turned around and sure enough it was the same snake creature as before slithering up into the yacht. John felt as though he were about to hurl.
     "Were you not exsssspecting me? I gave you what you asssked for." The snake told him.
     "Wh, wh, what I asked for?" John trembled.
     "You wanted to sssscare everyone...to death!" His eyes grew brighter and wider as he spoke, glowing red in the dark. His tongue so sharp it seemed to spark.
     "Wait. What do you mean? Are you telling me everyone's..." John gulped, "...dead."
     "That'sss what you wanted. You ssscared them to death." The serpent slowly started to taunt John, circling him as if he were his prey.
     "No, no. That's not what I meant. It was a figure of speech. I didnt mean for them to really die. What have you done?" He started to cry.
     "I've only done what you asssked me too, ssssilly boy. If that'sss not what you wissshed, then you ssshould have been more careful with your wordsss."
     "NO! You tricked me, you stupid snake! What do you want from me?" John yelled.
The snake wrapped his scaly body around John, tightly. "I want your Ssssoul. Didnt you know? You ssshouldnt make a deal with a demon. We are all...ssssnakes, sssort of ssspeaking."
     "But, but you never told me that. You just asked what I wanted. That's not fair."
     "Oh, but I did. You jussst dont remember. My eyesss are quite the hypnotisstss." He winked at John.
    "You...you cheat. You tricked me! I would never agree to give you my soul."
    "That'sss the beauty of it, my dear boy, you didnt have to. I did it for you.. You've made you're requessst, now its time to pay up!" He grinned to show his sharp fangs, and went in for the kill.
     "WAIT! Stop!" John put his hands up in surrender. The demon let him speak. "You can have my soul. But please, bring these people back. They can have no memory of me. It'll be like I never existed."
     "Hmm....and why ssshould I do that?"
     "Because...if I'm going to make a deal, it has to be right. No hypnotism, no cheating. I may be a prankster, but I'm a person of my word. Ask me again what I want."
     "Fine. What isss it that you want?" The serpent thought he'd encourage the boy. What harm would it do. He would still get his soul. That's all he wanted. He didnt care if these people lived or died. There souls weren't for the taking too.
     John thought to choose his words carefully. He couldnt let this demon just get his way, not entirely anyway. "It will be... as... I never existed, no one will know my name, and everyone will still be alive."
     "Hmm..." The demon snake contemplated. He thought sure, why not. "Fine. Assss you wisssh." Slowly people started to reappear and come to on the yacht. John was happy. All of a sudden the demon transported them over by the cave, away from everyone. "There it isss done. Now time to give me your sssoul."
     "I dont think so demon! Remember, I never existed. Therefore I have no soul for you to take." John outsmarted the snake.
     "You fool!" He was furious. "How dare you think you can out wit me?"
     "Well, you told me to choose my words more carefully. That's just what I did. I couldnt let you win."
     "Ha, but you're life here is gone, boy. You don't exist."
     "Well, then I guess I wont remember any of it, or anyone, and they wont know me and I wont know of this. None of it ever happened. And it beats going to Hell with you any day."
     The demon angrily granted the boys wish. He had no choice. He had made a deal. "Its done." Then he disappeared, went back to the hell he came from. John just watched in the distance as the townfolk went on like nothing had happened. Then he slowly started to vanish and fade away. No one would remember him. It would be as he never existed, not one single day.

                                                            The end.

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Uriel profile image

Uriel 6 years ago from Lebanon

Ohhh i am first to comment!!! LOVE IT!!! Don't trick the Trickster !!!! LOVE ITTTTTTTTTTTT

Nikkij504gurl profile image

Nikkij504gurl 6 years ago from Louisiana Author

thanx uriel! bout time someone left me a comment lol

Twilight Lawns profile image

Twilight Lawns 5 years ago from Norbury-sur-Mer, Surrey, England. U.K.

Very clever, Nikki. I felt a cold shiver at the beginning, but the end was a really clever ending.

Nikkij504gurl profile image

Nikkij504gurl 5 years ago from Louisiana Author

thanks so much twilight...Ian is it? I havent got much feedback on this one. Glad you have read it and think so.

Twilight Lawns profile image

Twilight Lawns 5 years ago from Norbury-sur-Mer, Surrey, England. U.K.

Yes, it is Ian.

Elisabeth32Stafford 4 years ago

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Nikkij504gurl profile image

Nikkij504gurl 4 years ago from Louisiana Author

For some they'd sell their soul to have all the riches in the world.

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