A Hero's Goodbye


‘My sweet little princess’,He kissed her gently on the cheek, Squeezing her so tightly, As he put her back on her feet.

He turned to her momma, His beautiful wife,
One last kiss, She was the love of his life.

His girls stood there waving, With tears in there eyes,
As the bus pulled away, Yelling their final goodbyes.

Weeks went by, Without a single word,
Turning into months, Nothing was heard.

Then one Sunday morning, Word had finally come,
His life had been lost, But the battle was won.

For country and honor, He had given his life,
For safety and freedom, For his daughter and wife.

While holding her girl, She had to somehow explain,
‘Daddy’s not coming home’, Their hearts heavy with pain.

In a wooden box, His body came back,
They felt so alone, His girls dressed in black.

They buried him there, In an ocean of stone,
Thousands of fallen heroes, Who never made it home.

The sound of taps, From the military band,
Pierced through her heart, As she squeezed her baby’s hand.

His commander handed to her, A folded American flag,
She held onto the last piece of him, It was all that they had.

The final cries rang, The guns burst in salute,
Twenty-one shots of honor, For their solider fallen in suit.

Total silence fell, Then came a heart-breaking sound,
A widow’s gut-wrenching cry, As they lowered him in the ground.

He stood at a distance, Feeling their sadness and pain,
He had done what was right, And in their hearts he’ll always remain.

God bless the stars and stripes, May freedom forever fly,
For it was bought at a high price, By those who fought and died.

May the sound of our nation’s anthem, And the sight of our grand ol’ flag,
Fill your eyes with tears of happiness, And your heart with the most pride you’ve ever had.


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allergy1 profile image

allergy1 5 years ago from United Arab Emirates

Excellent article, post more!

bulldogrocks profile image

bulldogrocks 5 years ago from Colorado

I definitely like your post it was very moving especially since I was in the military myself

QudsiaP1 profile image

QudsiaP1 5 years ago

This was a heart wrenchingly beautiful poem. An excellent tribute to all martyrs and soldiers and of course the families that are left behind.

Michelle Ascani profile image

Michelle Ascani 5 years ago from Deep in the Heart of Texas Author

I was an Amry wife who survived two deployments while pregnant. I don't care if Americans want to gripe about religion, politics, world affairs, or what they think our country could do better... that's their right. But EVERYONE needs to remember who gave them that right, and SUPPORT OUR TROOPS and THEIR FAMILIES! I don't care if you think the war is wrong... those soldiers don't have a choice. And when they hear the news about how much everyone thinks the war is pointless... we kill our troop's spirits. What a great way to get our own men and women killed. Support our Troops... because THEY are doing the job that YOU don't want to do.

jeremycolombo profile image

jeremycolombo 2 years ago

Very moving. Thank you for sharing.

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