A Horse Named Dirty Harry

Harry was a nice boy, everyone would agree

Said fhat he'd not hurt a fly and that he's the kind of friend I'd need

Yeah he seemed so very gentle, he never was unkind

But then one night he had a drink and I swear he lost his mind

He'll sing you a quiet lullaby and have a little chat

But the last time that he got too drunk he barbecued the cat

Oh Harry, Dirty Harry, I've got to tell the truth

The first time we went out you went and passed out on the roof

The girls all think you're innocent, they haven't got a clue

One day though they'll discover there's another side to you

So go and sing your song cus music will take you far

Just make sure you try your best to stay out of the bar

Oh Harry, Dirty Harry, what are we gonna do

Harry, Dirty Harry, you're the darkest horse it's true

Bur I'm not saying he' a chester, he's a real gentlemen I heard

It'a just whenever we hang out we're always drunk and chasing birds

So carry on and live your life don't waste time on regret

Yeah it's true that you're a dark one but I'm still real glad we met.


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