A Humming I Will Go

It Is Easier Than It Looks

How people learn to deal with things that they have no control over is beyond my comprehension

I have found a way that works for me and I would love to share

I hum away and all my troubles disappear

I love to listen to my refridgerator hum all day

Who said you can't teach an old dog new tricks ?

When the whole house is silent and you could hear a pin drop

There is a humming noise that sounds so interesting and quite pleasant actually

I listen carefully and wonder what if I could duplicate that same humming sound in my head

Then when I am tired I could hum myself to sleep

When I am busy I hum to myself so I can do things in rythm and it makes so many things more and more fun

When I am alone I can hum different tunes that give me company

So I am never lost or afraid

I am humming in great gratitude for all the company that I hear humming away

Then once and awhile I look outside my sliding glass window and I see a humming bird

Now I can watch,listen or join in

I know in the end someone humming creates magic

No matter how populated this world can be

There will never be enough hummers in the world for me

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Clairepeek profile image

Clairepeek 5 years ago

Well DreamOn, just count me among the hummers ^_^ I loved your hub, it made me hum cheerfully in rhythm with your words - and the music playing in the background here. You brought a smile on my face... so, let's just hum away, my friend. Thanks for this nice, I somehow needed today ;)

Take care.


DREAM ON profile image

DREAM ON 5 years ago Author

Clairepeek I welcome you with open arms.I find humming a useful tool to stay focused and get things done.It puts music to any situation and makes things brighter and gives a positive twist.Thanx so much.Have one hum of a day.

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