A Kiss From Judas

work in progress

I used to never have a doubt.

I used to have it all figured out.

But that was yesterday,

before i let you in.

With the guise of friendship

You gave me everything.

But you were feining love.

I didn't mean a thing.

When i finally gave you what you wanted

You took it all away.

Yeah, you took my life away.

(CHORUS: repeat 2x)

Handing me over to the world,

You gave me away with

A treacherous kiss from Judas.

You turned into light

The things that were dark.

Leaving me blindly in the fight.

But I'm not blind anymore.

You may have won this batte.

But that was yesterday, and I won't let you in.

So you can be sure, now, Judas

I will never let you win.

(repeat chorus)

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ss03616 profile image

ss03616 4 years ago from Poconos Author

thank you!

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