A Letter to "The Odyssey"'s Penelope from her husband Odysseus

My Dearest Penelope,

            It has been far too long since my eyes have laid eyes on your beautiful face, far too long since I have enjoyed your warm embrace. I miss you more than the gods could know. My greatest wish, at this point in my life is to be reunited with you. I wish I had returned home from the accursed beaches of troy safely and swiftly, however my journey has been wrought by trials and tribulations. I have a terrible mistake I blinded the Cyclops Prometheus, son of Poseidon himself, when stranded on his island in the great Aegean Sea. It seems that this fateful act has invoked the wrath of the great earth shaker himself. Many a time my plans to return home to you have been blasted apart by the mighty trident of Poseidon. Currently I am stranded on the island of Circe, the goddess with the golden braids. This bewitching queen turned my men into swine, transformed them with her wicked magic. I have saved them, returned them to their human forms, and for this I am happy. Alas, I must admit I have wronged you. Upon my arrival at Circe’s palace, Hermes the clever messenger god informed me that the only way I could free my men was to mountCirce’s glorious bed. I protested, wanting to keep faithful to you my love, but he replied that if I did not sleep with Circe my men would be lost forever. So I took part in such sinful deed to save my men, I hope you can forgive me.

All my love,


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collin coutinho 6 years ago

really moving and touching

kayla 5 years ago

This is a very good letter. Thank you for helping me out i did not copy it i changed some things about it but it got me going in the right direction. thank you

cheyenne 5 years ago

i have never hear such a letter!

cheyenne 5 years ago

this letter is amazingly touching!!!!!!!

terence 5 years ago

a great outline for my homework

Angel 3 years ago

It is a great idea but Polyphemus is the cyclops, not Prometheus. It was a great attempt.

kyla 10 months ago

it's amazing. now i can do part of my language arts project

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