A List of Novels I Have Read

A List of Novels I Have Read

For those who aspire to be writers or those who do write often, they must also be ready to read other peoples work. It is not merely reading, you must be a voracious reader. When reading other peoples work, you are going to learn one or two new things you never knew and they are going to help you as you write your own. It is a sure way of getting new ideas.

I have a habit I picked a long time back of writing down the novels I have read. They are not very many but I keep on trying to read more and more. Most of the list is chronologically arranged. Check out how many you have read from my list.

The List of Novels I Have Read

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1. A Coffin from Hongkong
James Hadley Chase
2. Things Fall Apart
Chinua Achebe
3. Carcass for Hounds
Meja Mwangi
4. Devil on the Cross
Ngugi Wa Thiong’o
5. Famous Five
Enid Blyton
Five on a Hike Together
Five go to Smugglers Top
Five Run Away Together
Five go off in a Caravan
Five on Kirin Island Again
Five Get into Trouble
Five Fall into an Adventure
Five go Down the Sea
Five are Together Again
Five on Secret Trail
6. The Prisoner of Zenda
Anthony Hope
7. The River Between
Ngugi Wa Thiong’o
8. Oliver Twist
Charles Dickens
9. Betrayal in the City
Francis Imbuga
10. The Adventures of Tom Swayer
Mark Twain
11. Chameleon’s Second Delivery
Edited by K.I.E.
12. Juju Rock Adventures
Cyprian Ekwensi
13. The equatorial Assignment
David Maillu
14. The Lost Generation
James Maillu
15. Mystery in Lamu
Lynn Mansure
16. The Black Temple
Mohamed Tukur Garba
17. The Second Conquest
Allen Sharp
18. The Circle of Revenge
David Mwaurah
19. You are Dead Without Money
James Hadley Chase
20. The Jail Bugs
Wahome Mutahi
21. The Love Root
Mwangi Ruheni
22. The Ivory Merchant
Mwangi Gicheru
23. A Brief Assignment
Ayub Ndii
24. A Woman Reborn
Koigi Wa Wamwere
25. My Life with a Criminal
Milly’s Story
26. Hamisi’s Holiday Safari
Anthony Cullen
27. The Other Woman
Grace Ogot
28. Dreams Die Fast
Harold Robbins
29. Striving for the Wind
Meja Mwangi
30. The Bottle Friends
Francis P. Z. Mudida
31. My Life in Crime
John Kiriamiti
32. Across the Bridge
Mwangi Gicheru
33. The Thirty Nine Steps
John Buchan
34. What a Husband
Mwangi Gicheru
35. The Exterminators
Victor Thorpe
36. Make the Corpse Walk
James Hadley Chase
37. Range of Angels
Sidney Sheldon
38. Treasure Island
R.L Stevenson
39. King Solomon’s Mines
Sir H. Ridder Haggard
40. You Have Got it Coming
James Hadley Chase
41. Life is a Lottery
Maurice Sotabinda
42. The Kings’ Mission
Allen Sharp
43. Behind the Marriage Mask
Mwaura Njoroge
44. An Anthology of E. African Plays
Kasigwa, Nyanabani Barnabas
45. The Bush Trackers
Meja Mwangi
46. Heroes
James Calabatsos
47. Mine Boy
Peter Abrahams
48. The Double Cross
Mwangi Gicheru
49. Round the World in Eighty Days
Jules Verne
50. Montezuma’s Daughter
Sir H. Rider Haggard

Michael Crichton Jurassic Park

Michael Crichton's novel Jurassic Park
Michael Crichton's novel Jurassic Park | Source

Continuation of The List of Novels I Have Read

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51. To Become a Man
H.R Ole Kulet
52. He Man
Joshua N. Mwaura
53. Have a Nice Night
James Hadley Chase
54. Tiger by the Tail
James Hadley Chase
55. Triple
Ken Follett
56. Naira Power
Buchi Emecheta
57. The south African Affair
Kohu Okpi
58. The Famous Five (Five go off to Camp)
Enid Blyton
59. Spears Down
Christine Botchway
60. Pilgrimage to Nowhere
G. Kalimugogo
61. Animal Farm
George Orwell
62. The Famous Five and the Missing Cheetah
Enid Blyton
63. Three Days on the Cross
Wahome Mutahi
64. Moses and the School Farm
Barbara Kimenyi
65. The Man who sold Death
Nick Carter
66. After 4:30
David G. Maillu
67. The Girl was Mine
David Karanja
68. The one who Cares
Mwaura Njoroge
69. Outcast
Rosemary Sutcliff
70. Operation Rhino
James Irungu, James Shimanyula
71. The Hardy Boys
Case Files
Scene of the Crime
The Mystery of the Spiral Bridge
Franklin W. Dixon
72. The Cockroach Dance
Meja Mwangi
73. Colours of Carnations
Ayub Ndii
74. Congo
Michael Crichton
75. A Grain of Wheat
Ngugi Wa Thiong’o
76. Kanina and I
Charles Mangua
77. Shrine of Tears
Francis D. Imbuga
78. The Price of Living
Yusuf K. Dawood
79. The Ministers Daughter
Mwangi Ruheni
80. Caribee
Christopher Nicole
81. North from Rome
Helen MacInnes
82. Recovering without Treatment
Sam Githinji
83. Jane Eyre
Charlotte Bronte
84. Honour Among Thieves
Jeffrey Archer
85. Going Down River Road
Meja Mwangi
86. Weep not, Child
Ngugi Wa Thiong’o
87. Lwanda Magere (A play)
Okoiti Omtatah
88. Two in One
Mwangi Gicheru
89. The Cruel Burden
Okoth Gonza
90. Heartstones
Kekelwa Nyanywa
91. The Sicilian
Maria Puzo
92. The Stars Shine Down
Sidney Sheldon
93. What a Life
Mwangi Ruheni
94. The Naked Face
Sidney Sheldon
95. The Apocalypse Watch
Robert Ludlum
96. Death Sentence
Brian Garfield
97. Vicious Circle
Alexander Kanengoni
98. Love is a Distant Shore
Claire Harrison
99. Birds of Kamiti
Benjamin Garth Bundeh
100.A man of the People
Chinua Achebe

The List of Novels I Have Read Continued

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101.No Longer At Ease
Chinua Achebe
102.Gifted Hands
Ben Carson
103.Matigari Ma Njirungi
Ngugi Wa Thiong’o
104.The Beautyful Ones are not yet Born
Ayi Kwei Armah
105.The Eiger Sanction
106.Head Over Heels
Jill Mansell
107.The Leopard Hunts in the Darkness
Wilbur Smith
108.Run for the Trees
James S. Rand
109.Claire’s choice
Joan Selby Lowndes
110.Sight Unseen
Kathy Lynn Emerson
111.The Snake
John Godey
112.State of Mind
John Katzenbach
113. Life and Times of a bank Robber
John Kiggia Kimani
Michael Crichton
115.The Matarese Countdown
Robert Ludlum
116.Voice of the Heart
Barbara Tylor Bradford
117.All that she Wants
Maeve Haran
118.Lady of Hay
Barbara Erskine
119.Links of a Chain
Monica Genya
120.The PROM Queen
R.L. Stine
Tom Clancy & Steve Pieczenik
122.The Cry of the Hallidon
Robert Ludlum
123.Cold Fire
Dean Koohtz
Michael Crichton
125.The Prodigal Daughter
Jeffry Archer
126.Dream Weavers
Philip Shelby
127.Total Control
David Baldacci
128.The Passion of Molly T.
Lawrence Sanders
129.Angels and Demons
Dan Brown
130. Abuse of Power
Nancy Taylor Rosenberg
131. Black Order
James Rollins
132.The Apocalypse Brigade
Alfred Coppel
133. Jurassic Park
Michael Crichton
134. Beyond Recognition
Ridley Pearson
135. N is for Noose
Sue Grafton
136.The Bourne Supremacy
Robert Ludlum
137. Running Away From Richard
Chris Manby
138.The Rattan Paradise
Mwangi Macharia
139.Talking to Addison
Jenny Colgan
140. Doomsday
Wahome Mutahi
141. State of Fear
Michael Crichton
142. Airframe
Michael Crichton
143. Matarese Circle
Robert Ludlum

Do you take time to read novels?

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© 2011 Patrick Kamau

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Comments 20 comments

Patkay profile image

Patkay 4 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya Author

Yes dwachira, I have read some of Yusuf K. Dawood's books and also the surgeons diary. I am an avid reader of novels I am only limited by lack of them. Thanks for reading and commenting.

Patkay profile image

Patkay 4 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya Author

Thanks Teresa Schultz for stopping by. I started reading novels when I was young and they have always fascinated me. Good thing is that I am also about to get published. I can't wait seing it on this list. Novels are a source of inspiration, so I would urge you to start reading again. Thanks and wishing you the best with your family.

dwachira profile image

dwachira 4 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

Hi Patkay,

Wah! those are many, i don't read much but seeing Yusuf K. Dawood on your list reminds me of the Surgeon's Diary series on Daily Nation Newspaper. I think i should try to read more. Voted up.

Teresa Schultz profile image

Teresa Schultz 4 years ago from East London, in South Africa

Wow, that's quite a few books you've read! I haven't read a novel in ages - years actually, but I used to love reading - as a kid definitely Famous Five, Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew - and then later Stephen King and Dean R. Koontz. Both my sons (aged almost-14, and 15) enjoy reading, especially my older son who has ready quite a few books in my opinion. He enjoys Terry Pratchett in particular and is also currently on the 6th of the 1st of 7 books he owns - of 14 The Wheel of Time books by Robert Jordan. He bought them in mid December, so I think that's pretty good going (6 books in about 7 weeks) in-between playing computer games in the school holidays! If they have the time for it, I do hope they continue reading when they're older - if I could afford the time, I think I'd love to start reading novels again.

Patkay profile image

Patkay 4 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya Author

daisydayz, you don't have to feel bad that you have not read many of the books I have posted here. The best thing is that you are too a reader. It is only that we have different varieties. Thanks a lot for reading and commenting.

daisydayz profile image

daisydayz 4 years ago from Cardiff

I feel bad saying this but other than oliver twist I haven't read any of those books! And im quite a reader! I just usually dont tackle classics sadly, a lot of chicklits and crime books! That is a brilliant list though some really great books that I really should read!

Patkay profile image

Patkay 4 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya Author

Thanks Emmanuel Kariuki. It is just a matter of time before you see yours listed here. Just keep checking.

Emmanuel Kariuki profile image

Emmanuel Kariuki 4 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

I will be flattered to see one of my titles on that list. Savanis, TBC, Bookpoint and any bookshop that does not specialize on Text books only.

Patkay profile image

Patkay 4 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya Author

Thanks Emmanuel Kariuki for checking through the mountain of books I have read. I got addicted into this habbit of reading and noting down the books I had read while in high school. The culminating point will be when I will read one of mine and add it into this collection.

By the way, I also need to read yours and add you to the list too. Where do I get them?

Emmanuel Kariuki profile image

Emmanuel Kariuki 4 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya

Hello Patkay,

This is quite a mountain of books that you have scaled. I fear to say the one I have climbed. I re-read Achebe often and maybe I should stop re-reading and scale some heights. Hawaii by James Michener is one long novel that left a great impression on me.

I will pick some of the ones I have not read on your big list and try to catch up.

Patkay profile image

Patkay 5 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya Author

Thanks M.Joseph for going through this list and commenting. It is always good to read novels, they are entertaining and mind refreshing.

M.Joseph 5 years ago

Quite a good collection,ave read most of them as i am a novel 'addict'& i can say they are really good.Let us keep reading!

Patkay profile image

Patkay 5 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya Author

Thanks Lady_E for dropping by. I haven't watched the film for Bourne but i can tell you that i loved the book so much that i have kept it as part of my collection. Look for King Solomon’s Mines by Sir H. Ridder Haggard. I can assure you you will enjoy it.

Thanks again.

Lady_E profile image

Lady_E 5 years ago from London, UK

What a lovely Collection - I have read a few.

Animal farm, Enid blyton, weep not child, No longer at ease. I wonder if you enjoyed the Book Bourne Supremacy more than the film...

I am also curious about Solomon's mines - I will have to check what it's about.

This is a really nice hub.

Patkay profile image

Patkay 5 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya Author

Thanks viking305 for going through the list.I have to admit i have not read Dolgun, but if i come across it i will definitely read it. Novels are very interesting, they actually prime the writers of tomorrow.

viking305 profile image

viking305 5 years ago from Ireland

I love the list, a great idea. Did you ever read a book called Dolgun. It is a true account of Dolgun who is American and was imprisoned in Russia. It sounds depressing but it is not. Best book I have ever read and I have read lots of books believe me.

Patkay profile image

Patkay 5 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya Author

@ Lucy, Yes i have read all those and i will keep on adding more as i keep reading them.

lucy 5 years ago

All of this is in your head? that wonderful.

Patkay profile image

Patkay 5 years ago from Nairobi, Kenya Author

Thanks alot Eiddwen for taking your time to read my hub. I totally agree with you about the Famous Five series. It was hard to keep one down before you finished reading.

Eiddwen profile image

Eiddwen 5 years ago from Wales

Wow I loved your list and most important I loved the Famous Five series.

I loved these and i really enjoyed this hub.

I now look forward to reading many more of your hubs.

Take care


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