A Little Boys Pockets. (written At Age 13)


When you empty your little Boys pockets.    

When you Empty  your little boy's pockets,
What a treasure chest you'll find,
To you it may seem quite worthless,
But it's priceless in his mind,
For who but a boy,
Could find such joy,
In a stamp from another land,
Or a penny, supposedly, hit by a train,
Or a purple rubber band,  
Who but a child would find value,
In a bone freshly, dug from his yard,
or a feather that fell, from the tail of a bird,
or a crumpled up, bubble-gum card?
Oh, to find joy in such simple things,
To treasure small trinkets like gold,
Instead of our searching for, riches, and fame,
and finding we've only grown old.  
Look to your little  boy's pockets,
The secrets of life linger there,
Our chance to be happy, with just what we have
It's a knowledge we all need to share.   ©-MFB III

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Moneylady profile image

Moneylady 6 years ago from Texas

I love this .... It brings back memories of when my 3 sons were small Thx

hotspur profile image

hotspur 6 years ago from England

Spot on! There is something to behold in the treasures of children. I have daughters, no sons, they too have teasure collections.

seasoning 6 years ago

conkers come to mind

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