A Little Star's Mission to Save the Heavens

Chapter One - The Lion’s Walk About Through the Heavens.

Stephon, the baby lion, was singing one night as he strode along through the universe noting the meteors, comets and all things in the heavens his keen eyes fell upon. He had no real destination in mind but was just out on walk about seeing what he could see. Being a most curious lion, he was searching for something though not consciously so. He was just ambling along as there was nothing yet to stop for. He was not really happy, nor would he admit to being sad, but rather was existing in a state of slightly numb. Being the adventurous lion that he was, his soul was searching for that which would bring the alive feeling back, though of course he knew not of this for it is not what manly lions spent their time thinking upon.


He entered a confused little space of heaven full of somewhat dim stars all trying to shine at once. One little star barley twinkled at all. She was really ready to give up on shining at all. The little star was so very tired and just going through the motions of shining. She did not stand out among the other stars but the noble lion’s gaze missed nothing. He approached the star in his gregarious, outgoing lion way and sniffed all about trying to understand through his senses this star that would not shine as she could.

The little star had become more and more withdrawn in private matters over the eons. She spoke to almost no one anymore, except on public matters where she felt she had no choice. It is after all a star’s job to cast light upon things and she still took her duties seriously. For long had she contemplated how to end her existence, how to simply no longer be. Being a star though, she could not end her own existence, therefore she merely went on… growing dimmer by tiny increments with each new moon. She knew she should be concerned over such matters but was not.

As the baby lion sniffed all around her dim star-shine light, she took notice of his tail swishing, his sniffs, and his cute baby lion speak. She did not have the heart to ignore the adorable little constellation as she had so many before him, most recently the bear.

The bear too had come upon her dimming light. He was so forceful as he tried to drag her back to a state of caring and shining brightly. He wanted her to shine for him alone, and for a short time she did, as she was somewhat in awe him. Her fatal weakness had always been strength and intelligence. As she gazed from the heavens upon the universe, she found it lacking in the vast majority of the cosmos. She was further saddened through the ages to observe that of the handful of truly strong and intelligent beings within the galaxies, well over half of them were dark lights… black holes of evil that through superior mite and mentality dominated weaker lights with no thought or care to how it hurt them. Or worse, some enjoyed hurting the weaker lights. This observation made the tiny star retreat more into her own core of energy pulling her light further and further within herself.

For a flicker of time she thought the bear might be a light she could truly shine with. In the excitement of hope she let much of her light out and so briefly lit up the heavens. But alas the bear, over time, proved himself to be a dark light that was simply very good at hiding it as he was truly brilliant. As he began to attempt to control her more and more, demanding more and more of her light for his own consumption she again retreated within her own energies becoming dimmer than she had been before the bear had come upon her. Finally, after awhile, the bear realized he would not get what he wanted from the little star and moved on looking for other stars to drain of light though he continued to watch and wait for an opportunity to feed further from her.

The little star was so very heartbroken over the realization that what she had thought to be nobility in the bear, the constant pushing and demanding of her light was nothing more than an attempt at ruling her which she could never allow. She had at first believed the bear when he said he pushed out of love, but now she knew that was not truth but rather a rouse to hide his parasitic feeding, for like a celestial vampire he fed upon the energy of stars. Had his intentions truly been noble the little star could have fed him for eternity with no damage to herself so vast were the energy reserves deep within her core. But alas, it was not to be. She knew he could never be allowed to see the reserves she kept locked deep inside as he would return to take them from her if he could.

In the infinity of a second in time all of the recent past with the constellation bear came flooding through the little star’s thoughts as the baby lion circled her flicking his tail and pouncing about trying to entice her into shining for him. Out of instinct and habit her first thoughts were to become so dim that he would go away, but for some strange reason she found she could not do so. She tried, repeatedly, but her light refused to dim further. The adorable baby lion was just so appealing and he continued to circle and sniff and frolic. She decided she might as well speak with him. She could not believe the things she said. Filtering her light to keep almost everything of her core contained within had never been a problem before, but it soon became apparent that for some reason the baby lion unconsciously drew it from her. She found herself telling the lion of the bear. She did not tell everything of course, but that he still watched and her desire for him not to be able to do so as he was still feeding from her light. She never thought the lion could or would do anything to stop such and was amazed as he, with a single roar, cast out the bear from her tiny corner of heaven.

As the moon reached the end of its nightly journey through heaven and a new day dawned over and over the little star would sleep. Each time she awoke the baby lion would return to her. As he kept coming back, their conversations grew deeper and deeper and she found herself revealing tiny bits more of her light which, instead of feeding upon, the baby lion played in. He seemed to appreciate its just being. Upon beginning to speak to him in earnest, she was pleasantly surprised to find the lion very, very smart with a knack for seeing what others, including herself, often missed.

She found herself looking forward to seeing the baby lion and thinking of him when he was not there.

Early one night the baby lion came to see her. She became worried as she saw he was limping, but as she did not want to insult his aura of machismo. She tried hard not to let it show. Instead, she asked him if he would just rest beside her. While resting he told her of the asteroids belt he had crossed. While doing so he seemed to relax some and was able to remove the small stones from his paws as he alternated his telling of treacherous travels with a cat’s constant grooming and the licking of his sore paws. She offered him a drink of her starlight and he accepted seeming to like the liquid light. They stayed together until the sun began to shine hot upon the heavens, the time in which all stars must sleep. As he romped off for sleep the little star marveled at how difficult the baby lion's travels had been, how he never slowed despite obstacles such as asteroid belts in his way, nasty comets that bit at his tail as he went by while they hid behind moons, and the constant barrage of space junk from that most vile creature the universe had ever seen, the one known as ‘human’.

During sleep the tiny star had the strangest vision of what would be. She awoke almost blinding the heavens with star shine as she was so upset from what she had seen. She knew now what was to come. The little star had seen into the future many times. Long ago she had given up doubting the dreams that were glimpses of things yet to come.

“What am I going to do? I can’t just let this happen! This is the worst vision I have ever seen and I can’t stop it. The whole universe will suffer. I have to do something!” she screamed within her own mind. The reverberations of her scream within were so loud they rippled throughout the galaxy causing stars near to her to be disturbed in their slumber.

She almost burst from fright as from behind her the baby lion pounced on top of her. “Roarrrrrrr” rumbled through her inner core of energy as with a swishing tail the very large baby lion had his face down low. He crouched on his front forelegs with his hind quarters still raised in a playful stance.

“What are you doing little star? I saw your light from two galaxies away! Come on, tell me. Tell me now!”, he guffawed in lion speak as he sniffed the star and sneezed as the star shine tickled his nose.

“Baby lion! Yes, you are the answer. I have seen the worst future imaginable. I have to go warn so many other stars, comets, some asteroids, constellations, and gas clouds. Baby lion, we are all going to die. All of us… and soon.”

“There, there, silly little star. It was just a dream. And you could not go warn anyone anyway. You are a star. You can’t move.”

“No! You are wrong. It will happen baby lion and I must warn them. I cannot stop what is to come but I have to let them know. “

“Oh, what does it matter? If we are all going to die anyway, and mind you little star I don’t believe that, then why tell them? Let them die happy and worry free little one.”

“I wish I could baby lion. But alas, this is the end of not just us, but of all. The fact that we will die is not what is important. It’s how we die… and what we lived for. Haven’t you noticed the ever increasing numbers of dark lights in your travels? I know you have. You don’t miss anything.”

“Well, yes little star, of course I have. What’s your point?”

“Don’t you wonder why their numbers are increasing so?”

“Nope. I know why. Stars are becoming dumber by the day, blind to the light that surrounds them and so they go dark. It’s not like it’s a mystery little star. Or was it maybe that you just did not know?”

“Well, now that you mention it, no. Baby lion, I did not, but that’s really not the point. I saw the future. There is a much greater purpose for their increased numbers. They are to become an army. All will be sucked into it or killed. That is what I must warn the others of. They will not see it as a dark army. The black hole at the end of the universe is growing exponentially baby lion. Its hunger wants us all. Any who do not feed into its darkness with their own light shall die and when all that remains is his army of dark lights he will devour them as well. What matters, what is the only important thing that remains in the universe, is that as many as possible be saved from becoming dark. “

“If everyone dies what does it matter?”

“Don’t you see baby lion? We are the last. Stars, comets, even planets all have died before. But never all at once! The cycle of rebirth will be tainted! That which is born from the ashes will be heinous. There will be no good, no light to go into it, therefore it can be nothing but evil. Can you imagine a universe where there is nothing but dark? No light. No joy. No hope, only hatred and pain.”

“O.k. little star I think you have let out too much star shine today. You are not thinking clearly little one. Are you about to go supernova on me? Do you know how you sound?”

“You think I am coming undone don’t you? I don’t blame you, but I am telling you the truth and I have to do what I can. I am leaving now baby lion. I was hoping you would come with me to help me find the others. I saw them in my vision, the ones who can be saved. I know where they are too as I saw each in their own spot in the heavens. But I don’t know how to reach them! You could though. You could show me how to get to them. Lead the way for me to find them.” As the little star spoke she became brighter and yet brighter until the baby lion was squinting his eyes from the glare of her agitation.

“There, there little star, calm down. I would not mind taking you to the others, really. I romp about the universe playing every night. But you can’t go. You are only a very little star. You have never moved from right where you are,” he quietly told her as he placed his muzzle right up against her and sniffed deeply. “Little star you even smell upset. How can a dream do all of this? You just have to calm down some. Maybe we could get the moons to sing a nice song. Would that help?”

“No! I’m not deluded. I know what I saw. I know the difference between a dream and a vision. And I will show you baby lion. I can move just as you can. You think that just because you are a collection of stars formed into a lion that is a sum greater than his parts and hence can move at will that I as a single light cannot? Have you never heard of a shooting star? Hm?”

The baby lion pranced about as he roared/laughed and guffawed all at once.

“Silly little star. I have seen many shooting stars over the eons. Do you know what happens to them? They crash little star! Hehehe. So you see, you cannot just shoot off. And more to the point, you are not a shooting star, but an anchored twinkling star.” The baby lion was trying so hard to keep a straight face as he talked but he just could not maintain it and ended up on his back in peels of deep throated laughter as he kicked his paws wildly in the air and wiggled about on his back lost in the hilarity of a silly little star trying to be something she was not.

“Well, baby lion aren’t you just too cute?” the little star said and she truly was enjoying watching the baby lion. But she knew now she had a mission. After feasting upon what she thought would be one last glance at the lion she had become so fond of, she gathered all of her light into herself going completely dead for an instant.

The baby lion, no longer bathed in star shine sat up quickly. “Little star? Hey what’s wrong? I was just funning really… Little star?”

In the blink of an eye the little star burst forth with light and streaked off from her lifelong home in heaven heading straight for planet X. The baby lion watched shaking his head. “Well if she isn’t the craziest star I ever met I will be a meteor’s dust trail.” he said to himself. “What to do now? There’s no one around I want to play with.” With that thought the baby lion looked at the fading trail of star shine left in the silly little star’s wake. The baby lion ran upon the star shine trail each bound taking him further and faster for you see the baby lion was a true friend. He decided he would not let his little star go off alone to whatever fate she would find. He would lead her to the others she felt she had to warn no matter how wrong she was.

Just as he started to catch up to her, in a part of heaven he had not been to in a long time, it occurred to him that it was much darker than it should be. What happened to all the stars that used to be so bright he thought as he stretched out to cover the last light years between he and his friend? Could there actually be something to what that crazy little star had said? Why would a part of the heavens go dark all of a sudden? A star here, a star there, sure, but this was a pretty big chunk of celestial real estate. He decided that when he found his crazy little friend, assuming she did not crash into something in the meantime, they were going to go into the discussion of dark lights in much more detail. And then perhaps he would take her to a few lights she did not know of. Lights that knew things. Lights that watched. Lights that he often shared what he saw in his travels with as did other constellations. He was growing somewhat concerned as the sun was just beginning to spread its warmth upon his mane but he grew truly, seriously, worried as he saw his friend up in front… headed right for a gaping, hungry, black hole.

To be cont.




Rhonda Enrayne

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Comments 13 comments

Inkwell780 6 years ago

What a cute and brilliant story Muse! Lines and quotes I loved: "Are you going to go Supernova on me", "ended up on his back in peels of deep throated laughter", "You think that just because you are a collection of stars formed into a lion that is a sum greater than his parts and hence can move at will that I as a single light cannot? Have you never heard of a shooting star?". You have this knack for infusing humor with wisdom Muse! I love this story and cannot wait for the continuation! Quite Sincerely Matt aka Little Inky! =:)

poetvix profile image

poetvix 6 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

Matt ~ Awww thanks bunches Matt. Your comment made my day :). You are always so very kind and supportive. It means a lot to me. Thank you for always being such a positive friend.

Micky Dee profile image

Micky Dee 6 years ago

I went ahead and hit all your buttons. I thought it was sweet!

poetvix profile image

poetvix 6 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

Thanks Micky! Glad you came by.

tlmntim9 6 years ago

I really like the story line, I do. Gosh I dont mean to offend you, only offer help as I see you talent. Great story, Imagianative and uniuqe. But...Spell check, grammer check, rewrites ( I do them constantly) and if I may say...Please, Only with the best of intentions. ( the best tool in the modern writers tool box is the...delete key. Please tighten it up. I cant wait to see the finished product. Tell the lion....Thanks...that darn bear was a slug!


tlmntim9 6 years ago

Gosh...PS...I feel bad. Please know it is rare to get an honest comment in here, which are the ones I like best. I would rather hear, "that's crap", then false praise. I want to be a better writer and I hope you do too...Please understand, don't be offended, only trying to help an obvious talent.

God bless


poetvix profile image

poetvix 6 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

Timntim9 ~ no offense taken. I know it takes courage to leave a constructively critical comment and I appreciate yours. Thank you very, very much. :)

the pink umbrella profile image

the pink umbrella 6 years ago from the darkened forest deep within me.

i pay no attention to spelling and grammer as you know, poetvix. Some people cant read beyond errors, im not one of them. though, repsect to those who prefer a clean read... have you ever thought about writing childrens books? I mean around the 9 year old reading level?

poetvix profile image

poetvix 6 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

The Pink Umbrella ~ Thanks for not being caught up in the errors.. I really do need to work on this somemore. I thought I had caught most of it but obviously not :).

I have not thought of writing for children as typically what I write is very dark.. like the Biker's Nightmare which was my last epic post... this story was written for a specific person and that is why it is so different from what I normally do.

I'm really glad you dropped by and love hearing from you. Happy Hubbing girl!

fiksy02 profile image

fiksy02 6 years ago from London

hum i can also say u have not mastered writing for children. this peace is really for intelligent people as you need your full concentration to read and enjoy it. it has a childish flavour about it yet it is not for a child audience.Good job just do some revision. i believe this is a draft.

poetvix profile image

poetvix 6 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

Fiksy02 ~ Thanks for dropping in. Your right, it was not meant for children. Thanks for the comment and I am working on some edits. Happy Hubbing!

mandyf profile image

mandyf 6 years ago

Loved this!

poetvix profile image

poetvix 6 years ago from Gone from Texas but still in the south. Surrounded by God's country. Author

Mandy ~ :) Glad you liked. Thanks for taking the time.

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