A Love Lost

It was a cloudy evening

my love was ghost it left my body

and went away

She never said bye are made me

aware she was leaving

She said no goodbye

She just up and left me

I felt her leave, i knew things would change

Without exceptance ; I called her back, but

She said I have no place here

I'm not welcome here anymore

So do what you must

There will be no song here

You can't call me back i found

a new home for me to abide.

You see love has never been alone

Love has found friends

in byways, roadways,stairways

No words said and they


As a cupids arrow drawn back ,

Hold love in place before you shoot

Love is not taken lightly are measured to

material things

Love is a treasure only a heart can bring.




(c) Copyright 2007 [By Sharon A Smith] All Rights Reserved

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SwiftlyClean profile image

SwiftlyClean 7 years ago from Texas Author

Thanks Sylvie1.

sylvie1 profile image

sylvie1 7 years ago from Ohio

Loves ending is always so sad. Nice write.

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