Love Poem: I Can't Live Without You

Interlocked hands of love.
Interlocked hands of love. | Source


I little Valentine's Day present I bestowed upon someone very dear to me. 

"I Can't Live Without You"

You don’t always need a key,

To open up a heart.

The pad lock on mine,

Was broken when you smiled.

You’ve shown me the world,

Through the sentiment of your voice.

You don’t always need a kiss,

To help skip a heartbeat.

Mine jumps a little,

When you walk into the room.

You’ve taken the time to make it

So that I can’t live without you.

You don’t need a song,

To express emotion.

My heart smiles,

Whenever I’m around you.

You’ve made me feel,

Beautiful, Wonderful, Brilliant, Lovely.

You’re my best friend.

And for all you’ve shown me,

I’ll never take you for granted.

I love you. 


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