A Micro Recorder And Its Use In Improving A Writers Work


In today’s modern world, there are so many gadgets that can help a writer improve their writing and in gathering skills in writing. A micro recorder is just one of the aids or tools of a writer in their writing project. A micro recorder can come in many forms and it is the coolest gadgets nowadays compared to a tape recorder. Audio cassette tape recorders are totally outdated and I rarely see people use it. Even reporters don’t regularly use them anymore because of the highly technologically advance gadgets that are being used nowadays.

In this article or hub, I would be explaining what micro recorders are and how they are very useful to writers. The efficient use of micro recorders will also be included in this article or hub. I highly recommend that after reading this article or hub, you should reconsider buying a micro recorder since it is a very nifty tool that every writer must have.

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What is a micro recorder?

Micro recorders are technologically advance gadgets that functions very similar to a tape recorder. The difference among the two is that a tape recorder requires a cassette tape to record audible sounds to be used in writing. Where on the other hand, you do not need anything else in a micro recorder which is a very convenient tool that you can bring anywhere you go.

Prices of micro recorders nowadays vary depending on the type of recorder you are purchasing. Most micro recorders have memory chips embedded on them which allows you to store massive data or numerous hours of audio recording compared to tape recorders that can only last for less than two hours. These memory chips are considered as the hard drive of these gadgets.

Micro recorders also have a certain port designed in order for a wire to be connected to a computer. The wire which is a USB cord is connected to a computer that is read by the computer’s software to load the micro recorders software. This is the means of transporting the stored data to be saved in your computer.

Different types of micro recorders

There are so many kinds of micro recorders nowadays. Design is dependent on the writer’s preference and usage. Micro recorders are stuff that is designed as things that we normally see. A good example of a micro recorder is a pen designed micro recorder. This gadget is used both in writing and in recording ideas of the user.

Another example of a micro recorder is a watch designed micro recorder. This is one of the hottest recorders sold out today. Some micro recorders that are designed as watches not only records sounds but can also record video. These watches have cameras installed in them. The original purpose of these gadgets is used in secret agencies to gather intelligence reports. However, people adapted the use of these watch recorders as a basic means of security to catch images of people who are a threat in the life of the user.

There are also other designs of micro recorders built by engineers. No matter how they designed it and what is the sole purpose of this, I recommend that you take advantage the usage of technology to improve your work as a writer.

Courtesy of Google
Courtesy of Google | Source

Alternative micro recorders

Micro recorders are quite expensive but that doesn’t mean that you cannot have a micro recorder. Micro recorders are also available and installed in other gadgets that we regularly use. Good examples of these are high tech phones that have recorders installed on them. Another high tech gadget that has micro recorders on them is MP3 players. People seem to ignore this feature in their gadgets because they often to listen to music rather than exploring other options of their gadgets.

Courtesy of Google
Courtesy of Google | Source

Benefits of micro recorders

One of the benefits of micro recorders is being handy. You can bring this gadget anywhere you go. You can also use them anytime you please especially during tight spots that you have an idea in your mind that can be used in writing. Another benefit of micro recorders are the original use of these things based on their design such as a handy time keeper for watches, pens for writing, and many more. It does not only provide the use of the gadget but the main purpose of this gadget is to store data specifically audio recordings of your great ideas that can be used in writing.


Now that you know what a micro recorder is and its use in writing, I hope I have encouraged you to buy your own gadget to be used in your writing. Anyway, this is one of the tools that can definitely help you out in your writing so it is worth every penny that you will be spending. Micro recorders are a gift to us by technology. Therefore, we should use technology in our advantage to make life easier and a whole new better.

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