A Mirrored Reflection

Gazing into an unknown dimension

Peering into the depth of submission

Aiming for a higher purpose

A quivering feeling that says I am nervous

Gaining possibilities without doubt or shame

While having a directive force and no one to blame

Inwardly seeking and searching for prudence

To trust in intuition that is guided and conclusive

While avoiding being presumptuous and disdain

Only to have a jewel to give a definitive name

Expression is a key a token of success

With a messenger sent an open door to address

Maintaining a keen expression and positive vibe

While keeping platonic relationships everyday with pride

Inadvertently speaking with a virtuous sender

In plain vision with vocals of splendor

While being a positive attribute and having class of an emperor

Keeping quiet and maintaining an even temper

I can pray confidently for divine protection

As I gaze lucidly at A Mirrored Reflection


Luna Blue profile image

Luna Blue 10 months ago

Well written! I like the flow of this piece :)

manatita44 profile image

manatita44 8 months ago from london

Pacy, rhymtical ...great poem and hidden message. Loved it!

Sassy Diva profile image

Sassy Diva 8 months ago from Forestville M.D. Author

Thanks I love to write poetry. I am glad that you all like the poems

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