A Monster of A Headache That I grin And Bear.


A monster of a headache, that I grin and bear.~1997


My son is in love with Godzilla
it's a sadly lopsided affair
for Godzilla would eat
my son in a heartbeat
but he's only 5
he doesn't care!!

(^) (^) (^) (^) (^) (^) (^) (^)

He runs room to room
making Godzilla noise
I'm spending a fortune
on Godzilla toys
even Godzilla movies
bring cries of sheer joy
at my house
"Godz" just one of the boys!

(^) (^) (^) (^) (^) (^) (^) (^)

I suppose it's attributed
to memories,
of what his dad's looks like
after copping some ZZZZZ's
in the morning my face is
not something to please
and my hair looks like
tangled string cheese
I stumble and grumble
all over the place
all puffy and mean
like a monster from space
till I find a washcloth
to clean sleep from my face
and let coffee kill
mornings bad taste
After combing

 and brushing
the gremlins away
and a very hot shower to
start off my day
he sees dad emerge from
his monsterous ways
and I'm sure it's
affected his play
yes, my son is

in love with Godzilla,
but I'm not green

with envy, or sad,
Godzilla most likely
is not quite as bad,
as those scary wake up's

with his dad.

(^) (^) (^) (^) (^) (^) (^) (^) (^) (^) .


....MFB III-1997

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Debarshi Dutta profile image

Debarshi Dutta 6 years ago from Calcutta

This poem let me learn a lot about the nature and depth of love a father feels for his son. A lovely poem.Quite lucidly explained..what makes a Dad.

And how Dad feels when I am Dad's little boy..Reminds me of my own father.

Love this poem.

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