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I Promise: A Mother's Poem to Her Son and Children's Book

I promise to wake up with you, when you cry at night. I’ll feed you, change you, rock you, hold, and hug you tight.

I promise to chase after you when you start to crawl; And I promise not to get too mad, when you color on the wall.

I promise I’ll try plumbing, if you flush toys down the potty; But really please don’t do that, I promise it’s not funny.

I promise to come back for you when I drop you off at school; I know first days can be so scary, learning new class rules.

I promise to teach you baseball, golf, and soccer too; And I promise to learn these video games, so I can play with you

I promise we’ll tour zoos, ride trains, and look at cheetahs; And I promise when I burn our dinner, we’ll just call and order pizza.

I promise to stay with you and watch your favorite movies; When you’re sick, stuck at home, and feeling kind of dreary.

I promise storms won’t hurt you, even though it sounds that way; Let’s just sing and dance so loudly, and think of sunny days.

I promise not to be too tired to ever roll down a hill; But you must promise not to laugh, if after I get ill.

I promise I’ll take pictures of you growing in front of my eyes; I want to capture each small bit - time so quickly passes by.

I promise not to let it show show if money’s ever tight; I might say no to some things but I promise it will be alright.

I can't promise to be perfect, this I admit is true; But I can promise this my son - I will ALWAYS love you.

© 2011 Bridget Batson

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