A Passive Wish "May it Be"

May It Be

May the water flow back into the stream

May the chaotic light get back to the beam

May the brown leaves rise up to green

May the revealed again become unseen

May the fragrance come back to the burnt wood

May all the swishing travel into the good

For all the drops that chanted away

May they reform the enchanting way

May the bits return to their abode

May the walks be rides we rode

May the lining be golden henceforth

Withstanding floats darker than froth

May the messiah be the mist on water

And find back the depth of it’s matter

May the orbits line back in harmony

May the notes fall back in symphony

May we aspire to run on pebbles again

May on earth we realize heaven again

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PaperNotes profile image

PaperNotes 6 years ago

What a lovely poem. It is true, there are things we see around us that prompts us to make passive wishes.

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