A Poem Called White Menace

White Menace, A Poem by Valerie K.T.S. Read

I wake up to the world silenced by a white blanket of snow,

There is no sound, except the crunching of shoes,

As they try to tread a pass through it,

It has made each step difficult for the wearer of the shoes,

Because, one is stuck, and will not let it go,

I watch a brave sole tread wearily to their destination,

But, alas, he's confronted with a new mound of snow to pass through,

I hear the sounds of tires skid as the vehicle tries to make it down the hill,

I can see it stop and make no lead way,

As the tires spin, but no traction is made,

Only frustration for the person inside,

When he slams his fists against the wheel,

I only smile to myself,

Because I am safe inside,

And I am not brave enough to venture outside.

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Lgali 7 years ago

nice poem

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