A Poem about My Grandson by Debbie Lacy

My grandson is now one year old

And he’s as cute as a button bless his little soul,

He’s calls me NeNe now isn’t that sweet,

To give him a snack or some sort of treat,

He loves for me to play hide and seek and chase him all around house

Laughing, giggling and falling to the floor then quickly taking off like mouse,

When he thinks I’m not looking he’s so quick to get into things

I have to be on my Ps and Qs at all times it’s a wonder I don’t have wings,

We’ll have our 20 minute practice of our ABCs and our 123s

While watching his favorite learning video on his DVD,

Then we sit a watch his favorite cartoon show "Diego" for awhile

I love how the characters on the show keeps him occupied and makes him smile,

Afterwards he starts rubbing his eyes as him runs over and gives me a hug

Well I know he wants his bottle so I lay him down for a nap with his teddy to snug,

As I stood there watching him as he falls asleep

The love I have for my grandson is from my heart that really runs deep,

My husband and I thank God each and every day for his wonderful blessing in providing us a Grandson

How anxiously we pondered walking the floor awaiting his arrival but he came through like a champ and his name is "Tyson"!

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pinda358 7 years ago from belgium

so sweet :)

dl53acy profile image

dl53acy 7 years ago from East Texas Author

Thank you pinda358!

MikeNV profile image

MikeNV 7 years ago from Henderson, NV

It's hard to read because of the bold and spacing, but he is definitely one of the cutest kids I've seen. You know how people say my grandson, son, daughter is so cute... and you then see them and they just look like an ordinary kid? Well that is not the case here... he is definitely adorable. I hope you have the opportunity to spend lots of time with him while he is little... life moves so rapidly.

dl53acy profile image

dl53acy 7 years ago from East Texas Author

Thanks MikeNV!

lilRick 4 years ago

Such a cute lil dude! You much be a proud grandmom! Enjoyed it!

gemstoneRosey67 4 years ago

Oh a grandma's love! He's so precious! I was searching for child's learning DVD and stumbled on this poem and I loved it and wanted to comment about it. You have done well and I hope you've saved it so when he gets older he'll know how significantly he embraced your heart with lots of love. Those wonderful memories will last a life time. I have 4 little gems so I know how you feel. Take care of him because he's quite a little handsome guy!

Love and blessings Rosey

Minnetonka Twin profile image

Minnetonka Twin 4 years ago from Minnesota

What a darling tribute poem about your grandson. He is absolutely adorable and so was your poem. Children are such a blessing. Have a great day Debbie :-)

dl53acy profile image

dl53acy 4 years ago from East Texas Author

Thanks Minnetonka! He's our little joy! :)

dl53acy profile image

dl53acy 4 years ago from East Texas Author

Thanks Rosey! I didn't want to forget about you and thanks so much for stopping by! I wrote this poem 2 years ago, Tyson is now 3 soon to be 4 in October! He's the most happiest little joy to have have around. We are truly grateful for God's blessing! @ lilRick Thanks for the compliment and yes I am a very proud Grandmother!! :)

Peaches3030 3 years ago

He's so sweet!! Wow, what a handsome little boy! Granny I don't blame you for representing! Much Luv!

ThomasScottyWelks2 3 years ago

Well what do you know! I was browsing and came across this little guy!! Bright-eyed with such a happy face, he captured my heart on my computer screen. A great tribute for such adorable little man. Just wanted to let grandma know that I can tell he spawn from some very pulchritudinous genes because he is a looker that's for sure! Blessings to you and your wonderful family Ma'am! ;)

Justsweetducky 3 years ago

Precious! Precious! I just want to kiss him!! Such a beautiful poem for such an adorable child!! Godspeed!!

dl53acy profile image

dl53acy 3 years ago from East Texas Author

@Peaches3030 Thanks so much for your comment; @Thomas Well thank-you and I'll pass this on to the rest of my family;@Justsweetducky lol! Aw how sweet...oh he would love that lol! And thanks for your comment

MissSKeNy5 3 years ago

He sure is a cute lil boy! And I loved the beautiful poem about him!! Be Blessed today dl53acy

dl53acy profile image

dl53acy 3 years ago from East Texas Author

Thank you MissSKeNy5 you ought to see him now, he's grown quite a bit and quite a character I'll tell yah! :) And thanks for your sweet comment. Have a blessed one!!

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