A Poem, All Of My Minding this Loneliness

Lonely Moments


All Of My Minding This Loneliness

I am right with the moment since every moment that I have ever lived was thine 0 Jesus!

For I give you 0 Jesus especially all of my lonely, lonely moments and sadness and where I was reading

That you 0 my Jesus put all of my tears in some kind of bottle, that, I pondered on and thought on.

Why the weeping didn’t even yet come to an end yet. For everyday I find myself weeping.

This evening is even more weeping.

And I can remember until I am gone living inside of this house that I have been weeping since 1993.

I always had tears with this place.

And the place was full of my prayers and another poet’s words.

Echos of violence or prayers to quote Dan Folgerberg.

I declare I said prayers for I called my walls praise and my gates salvation.

I said by this household of the faith of God but I question the strength of any faith for this moment.

I received confession and holy communion tonight.

God, where were you with all that I needed when my needs were getting so unmet?

I already do know what the Holy Scriptures of Jesus do say.

I can only focus on the Word Of God for so long.

I need another set of ears and eyes with a gorgeous mouth to kiss.

And all the others, all of that is gone right now and sadly maybe they will be gone forever.

By Shea Jubelirer

February 28, 2009


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