A Poem for Groundhog Day

Pictures of Groundhogs for Your Enjoyment:

Groundhog in the grass
Groundhog in the grass | Source
Side View of a groundhog
Side View of a groundhog | Source

Groundhog Acrostic Poem

Gobbling green plants outside my window

Rodent so cute

Oh! How I enjoy watching you!

Undisturbed by the bustle around you

Nibbling away

Delicious plants

Happy Groundhog Day!

Oh, noble rodent and


Why I Like Groundhogs

I grew up in the country where groundhogs were a common sight in pastures and barnyards. I see them now even in my urban environment--near bridges and in our parks. Along with guinea pigs and beavers, groundhogs are my favorite rodents. While rodents sometimes annoy us by eating our gardens or damming streams in ways that are inconvenient to humans, we should admire their ingenuity and their ability to adapt and survive!

A Groundhog in Action

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Rhelena profile image

Rhelena 4 years ago

Another great poem...love the last 2 lines. :)

The Fastionista 4 years ago

This was as cute as the groundhog himself! :) Love it, especially "Rodent so cute" - it's true - sometimes I forget that whole rodent thing because they're just so adorable. Voted up and awesome!

kschimmel profile image

kschimmel 4 years ago from North Carolina, USA Author

Thank you! This hub has done very well today, although I wrote it just for fun. Thanks for stopping by to celebrate Groundhog Day with me.

Gloshei profile image

Gloshei 4 years ago from France

Great poem although I have never seen one. The nearest is when visiting in Canada there were a lot of I think prairie dogs. If I am wrong please put me right, but they were so cute.

Thanks for sharing.

kschimmel profile image

kschimmel 4 years ago from North Carolina, USA Author

I think the western version of the groundhog is called a marmot. Prairie dogs look like small groundhogs.

PWalker281 4 years ago

Never seen one but I thoroughly enjoyed the poem and the photos. What is an "acrostic" poem, btw?

kschimmel profile image

kschimmel 4 years ago from North Carolina, USA Author

The first letters of each line spell a word--in this case, "groundhog."

PWalker281 4 years ago

Geez, I hadn't noticed that when I first read it :-). Thanks for pointing it out.

kschimmel profile image

kschimmel 3 years ago from North Carolina, USA Author

Happy Groundhog Day, everyone!

kschimmel profile image

kschimmel 2 years ago from North Carolina, USA Author

This year Super Bowl Sunday is also Groundhog Day.

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