A Prompted story exercise

Practicing what I preach

Recently, in one of my other hubs Creative writing Exercises to get your thoughts flowing I mentioned the concept of using of a prompted story. I used this in the context of it can be a useful exercise to help overcome writer's block.

When I finished the hub however, I thought that I really had not practised that method for some time. I tend to write poetry mostly. So even writing hubs is a different genre for me. Even though I joined some time ago, this is still new to me.

So what better way to demonstrate how you can improve you skills than by doing what I have suggested you to do?

A prompted story is when you think of a few statements that will be a kind of skeleton guide for the story. There can be as few as you like....

In my previous hub, I suggested you started with these

You are in bed

You see a light

There are stairs you have never seen before are there..

What do you do next?

(Paraphrased from my hub Creative writing Exercises to get your thoughts flowing)

So here goes...

It was 2.30am in the morning when I glanced at the clock. The red digits on the alarm slightly dazzled my eyes. I had been tossing around for some time and now I was just bored of not being asleep. I turned inward in order to avoid the glare of the clock. It was then I was bothered by another beam of light.

What was that beam that was fracturing the darkness? I sat up and saw a blue arch doorway right where my mirrored wardrobe should have been. It was open and I could see steps. I must be dreaming, right? Well there is nothing else for it I would have to get up now.

I went to close the door but my curiosity got the better of me. On the other side of the door was a set of red marble steps going down the way. What on earth?

By this time I had no interest in sleep. I had to go for a look.

The steps were cold on my bare feet but then again I had no idea where my slippers would be. I normally kept them in the wardrobe!

A warm blast of air hit my face as I reached the bottom of the stairwell. At the bottom there was a passage way about 10 feet long. I heard some fluttering and I noticed a post it note trapped on a tile.

It read "All is not as it may seem. Although you are descending, you are entering new heights. Come on a fantastic journey."

"Whow" I thought.

Suddenly I was back in my bedroom. Everything normal. I got back into bed and turned to go to sleep.

I heard a fluttering...

I looked at the beside table and there was the post it note. Perhaps this was indeed only the beginning...

Setting the challenge..

If I am honest this is as much a challenge for me as much as it may be for you. What I did here was start with a few statements. As I got into it however, I just wrote. I had no plan, no notes. I just wrote. In this sense I have used 2 techniques in order to write this. A prompted story and free writing.

Free writing is when you start writing but don't really think about it. You then go with the flow until you stop. This too can be a good exercise in itself. I am not sure what you will think of my efforts...

What I do know is that if I had said the same sentences to 10 people the result would be 10 differing stories based on the same theme. That is what I like about imagination. I am quite sure if I did this again it could be quite different.

This has been exciting for me....I wonder if I took this start ...where will the story go.. Only time will tell.

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franciaonline profile image

franciaonline 4 years ago from Philippines

Very good hub for writers who are just staring at the computer screen.Thanks Tricia.

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