A Quest for Favor | Poem

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It was a dream

Even of the night and day

An anticipation of a future

The sure foundation

An imminent calculated today

With the eye of an eagle

Stretched boundlessly

A distance into the ceaseless

A mark in time

For every living creature

A fuse to extension

A divine arrangement

Exploring the reach

Calling all to itself

Extending to its finest

Not touching the final

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An intense desire

A ripe for satisfaction

An expectation preferred

A longing for all

Attracting in concentration

Channeled aright

Exposing a backbone

That is, Regret as king

All is done, I presume

Where is the day

A trace that magnetize

Marching perfectly in place

A signal with fragrance

An aroma with purity

Spelt in its bosom

A sensation for life

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Though trapped in a word

Released at dawn

Pronounced in a moment

A banner for all time

A quest for favor

The determinant that aids

Conveying destinies together

Fulfilling the dream dreamt

Abba Elijah (elijagod) aka elija_god

© 2014 Abba Elijah also known as elija_god (elijagod)

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