A Quite Conversation With SilentReed

In looking back...

... amongst my early works I found this conversation between another writer and myself done entirely in poetic verse. When I publish it I imagine I will hear from him sooner or latter. I thought however that it deserved its own space.  For reasons of content it no longer exists elsewhere so now it might as well dwell here. I now present it for your reading pleasure unedited.


In time of peace we prepare for war,

in time of war we prepare for peace.

The sword of war swings with wild abandon,

cutting a bloody swath across both the innocent and guilty.


Well put my clever friend

and as all might see that as this fated

pendulum swings man can't make up their mind

as to which path to choose

and in the lack of choice they choose to swing

All will return to middle

and then back again until a force

mightier then choice but not enough to rob

a man of will forces the pendulum

to swing in one direction far enough

and with such force

that men will have to choose to come the other way

and there in be stayed.

Of all the forces that might be brought to bare

Justice alone stands apart

to bring the world to such a pass

that blood will sicken in the eyes and throat

and man will destroy their arms

least justice force them to eat their own bullets

and then they will jointly

pray to god to take justice away

and in so doing have peace.


For Man, there can be no peace without reconciliation

and there can be no reconciliation without justice.

But a god who sits in judgement

can never be a god of peace....or love.


It is a conundrum to be sure

for those who must endure

the prattle of minds that can't think beyond

the thought that God can have no helpers in his work

who specialize in jobs

that allow him to remain loving

while Justice and mercy have their part

But such as you and I must know

that love cant be love without the to and fro

that comes with a parent

that must scold at times as well

as hug the child that is held sublime

God being perfect but raising mortals who are not

then would have to have amongst our own

certain of those who help him fulfill his

need to govern as he is want

without favoring on or the other

As Abraham who plead for poor Sodom

and the angels who visited the city and

told Lot their judgement.

Or Moses who plead for all Israel

but the Destroying Angel needed

unblemished blood to ward him away from slaying them too.

Perhaps if we have a more complete view of heaven

we may there find a court

where both Justice and mercy plead their case

and the Christ Mediates

Father can neither approve nor disapprove

but stands behind his Son

in all choices.

Wouldn't this fit your bill

and allow God to be God still?


Helpers or satraps makes no difference.

Little elves still do the god fairy's bidding.

Calling the shots belong to the big boss.

The final decision is still Nero's thumbs up or thumbs down.:)


Perhaps it escapes any man of reason

to think some one capable of both

to hold justice and mercy

in one's hand without preference.

but consider a court working flawlessly

so we get our every due both of good and bad

thus the bad not proclaimed bad

till bad they had done

and the Good judged the same

for equal positive merit and forbearance anon

Then to have one angel accuse and another defend

would not anyone's sensibilities offend

for tis not a father's design

that either point of view have sway

unless the person being discussed

had earned the day

That mercy not rob justice

nor justice mercy

all being delayed till the end

at judgement day.

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SilentReed profile image

SilentReed 6 years ago from Philippines

I seem to recall that time

when we did joust with words

A night of wine and song

unsteady steps I head for home

with sleep eluding me

a nightcap as I surf the hubs

Brain pickled in alcohol

befuddling mind

with each passing hour

soon incoherent comments

will override reason and logic

So thankful then am I

when sleep did overtake me

saved from the embarrassment

of braying like an ass :)

Jaggedfrost profile image

Jaggedfrost 6 years ago Author

if bray my friend

was not as an beast

it spoke to questions never asked

perhaps you needed the wine to think

it was a treasured night

one I will not forget.

this conversation shone

brighter then its prompter

and here it sits

in memory of thoughts

most profound

and friends well met.

twolittlehands profile image

twolittlehands 4 years ago from Utah

These are important thoughts to consider and remember. My thanks to you, Jaggedfrost, for laying it out so as to make these points clear; and thanks to SilentReed for bringing the subject up.

Jaggedfrost profile image

Jaggedfrost 4 years ago Author

It was worth the publish.

twolittlehands profile image

twolittlehands 4 years ago from Utah

It is a classic worth reading and rereading. Thanks again.

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