My husband and I lived in a hundred year old house when we were first married. The house had a carriage house in the back which we affectionately called "the shed." 

In the shed, we stored all the things normally stored in sheds.

Upon retrieving some lawn equipment from the shed, my eye was drawn to some movement on the back wall. I looked and saw a rat quickly shimmying down the wall. I am not sure who moved quicker--the rat or me. 

Immediately, I told Kenny about our unwanted shed guest. 

"Oh, that's just a MOUSE," he nonchalantly said. A rat, a mouse, there is no difference in my opinion. I was a little taken back that my concern was shrugged off. I adopted the policy of never going more than a couple of steps to get anything out of that shed after the incident. I surrendered the rest of the shed territory to the rat.

Then, a few days later it happened. One afternoon, with loss of breath, Kenny came into the house and said he wanted me to stop what I was doing and go to the hardware store to buy some rat poison. A smirk appeared on my face, and I sarcastically inquired I did not understand why we needed RAT poison for a tiny mouse, taunting him after being so patronizing to me a few days earlier.

"No, you don't understand! there is the biggest rat I have ever seen in there!" he blurted out.

Now, I do not like rats. That has been established, but I did not think our beady-eyed intruder was of some abnormal stature. I just looked at Kenny and blurted, "Well, he wasn't all that."

He still insisted our shed housed a monster of a rat.

At that moment, the funniest thought accrued to me. I nearly hurt myself laughing. It seemed our circumstance had become like the Looney Toons cartoon. The episode where Sylvester saw a kangaroo, but his son sees a mouse and is ashamed of his father for being afraid of the little mouse. When I shared with Kenny my amusement, we both laughed.

Oh and about the rat, he is still in the shed as far as we know. We discovered there is a big rat and a smaller mouse shackin' up in the shed. Happy to say, we have a bigger cat in the house.

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Linda Laird 7 years ago

Very funny story....I've had similar things happen to me too. The time I screamed because a mouse ran up my arm when I opened the kids sock drawer...and when big Kenny killed a few of the little virmits with a B B gun...lol HATE THEM MEESES TO PIECES!!!

Krissy Lavelle 7 years ago

Cute story Pam!!!!

greatAmerican profile image

greatAmerican 7 years ago

Are you certain it is a Rat?

Ever see a possum, they are much larger than Rats with similar features. I don't know that they would be hanging out in a shed.

Thanks for joining my Fan Club..

Pamela Laird profile image

Pamela Laird 7 years ago Author

GreatAmerican, I am from South Carolina and you bet I know what a possum is. LOL

Army Infantry Mom profile image

Army Infantry Mom 7 years ago

Loved that hub,..Oh my,..I remeber that cartoon like it was yesturday. I also love your attitude,...LMAO !!!

k@ri profile image

k@ri 7 years ago from Sunny Southern California

This is a wonderful story! I loved it and got a good chuckle. Thanks! :D

Ms Chievous profile image

Ms Chievous 7 years ago from Wv

Yep Life can be like Looney Tunes! Thanks for the laugh!

Pumpkin head profile image

Pumpkin head 7 years ago

Cute story!

WesGPS profile image

WesGPS 7 years ago from Shelbyville

Nice cute story - short and to the point with a humorous ending. Now if i can get that short part down . . .

Godslittlechild profile image

Godslittlechild 6 years ago

Very funny story! It's always good to laugh a little.

franki79 6 years ago

Funny story LMAO!!!

We had a simlar thing happen to us, we had a rat in our shed, he (or they) were tearing everything up for they're nest). Back in June our ac was on the fritz so my man went to get the portible ac he'd bought the summer before last. Only surprise,,, they'd chewed the wiring inside the housing. (although I told him when we moved that he outta put that in the house, did not listen) and he was outside and 5-10 mins later, he calls from the back door for me to get .22 rifle, which I did and heard two shots go off.

This is a funnier story when you learn that he plays online fps war games, and his gaming name is ratkiller.

He actually had me go outside to look at one (he'd already thrown the other into a heavily treed area just beyond our property line).

TLNSASHA 6 years ago

I love how different it is when Men are faced with the same dilema's as a women... HEE HEE thanks for sharing.

resspenser profile image

resspenser 6 years ago from South Carolina

Great story! Glad to see another Carolinian on Hubpages!

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