The Human Race And What We Have Forgotten

What We Have Forgotten

I think many of us have forgotten why we have an existence on this earth.
Why are we allowed to live and to survive and to experience
everything that the world provides to us? As we are caught up in
our lives, our daily push and shove go to work and make a living
to feed ourselves and our families, we forget the most essential
elements of a human's existence. We are often so caught up with
the fast paced notion of our lives that we often forget about the
littlest things that make us happy, or make our lives better. We
often lose sight of the larger scope, the big picture that gives us
a reason to even wake up in the morning. Many people believe that
money is the key to happiness; that the acquiring of money will
somehow help us to live better lives and embrace happiness. This
is true in a way, as perhaps we can buy things to give us
temporary happiness, and temporary is what it will only be. The
creation of money was created to establish worth, but worth of
what. As the human race focuses on the destination, the journey is
often forgotten about. The core values of human existence are
forgotten and substituted in with false assumptions and morals.
The truest form of human feeling is driven by curiosity and the
yearning to learn.

Money Isn't Everything

Instead of having the urge to acquire
knowledge, the mindset has been altered to acquire currency.
Nothing will be able to replace the feelings of a mother
holding her baby in her arms the first time, that first moment of
intimate interaction, between a mother and her creation. The
completion of something you've put in every bit of your effort and
have drawn out every possible reward. We have forgotten the
meaning of success. We have forgotten the meaning of failure.
Failure is the greatest inspiration to better ourselves and each
other. As I look around in the world of today I feel lost. I
notice that constantly nobody has a sense of purpose, a sense of
worth; a belief in themselves. We have resorted to surviving,
instead of living. We think that because we have reached our peak,
that we cannot keep peaking. But this conception is so wrong. How
can we achieve if we do not strive? Many forget just how far we
have come. They forget to look to the past for guidance as they
try to step forward. Does anyone realize just how far we have come
as a global community? We have set foot on the moon; together.


We Are Living To Live

Decades ago millions of people were joined together as one as a fellow
member of their species stepped on to a celestial object that was
not the planet earth. We live in a Universe, ever-growing ever
changing and we have lost sight in our urge to discover more about
it and ourselves. We need to refocus and realize that we need to
reach for the stars, because the sky is the limit. We have
conquered the sky you may say, well you know what? Keep going.
There is a lot more to learn and to discover, and we won't find
anything sitting with our hands in our laps. How can we reach the
stars if we do not yearn? We need passion, we need dedication, we
need knowledge and we need to apply it. If we don't, we might as
wither away to nothing, and let death take us. We may go where we
belong if we are just living to die. We need to start living to


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gmwilliams profile image

gmwilliams 3 years ago from the Greatest City In The World-New York City, New York

You have eloquently elucidated THE TRUE meaning and purpose of life. Excellent writer.

nancynurse profile image

nancynurse 3 years ago from Southeast USA

I really enjoyed this. Great writer. Thanks for sharing. You make us think. Voted up.

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