A Reason for the Silence

Who is proud

Who is proud that hath room to be ashamed; that life seems permitted to defile the free spirit of his pen?

To be defiled is pleasure?

Heaven cant allow but still the poet is pleasured by his pen as he chooses...

seeking ways to diddle his mind and others with the shadows and light that seems him good...

one cant have everything nor be too proud to admit that one cultivates the silence and the dark as well as the light to pang his (or her for those who might adjure) soul and thus produce another verse...

we seek that which brings pain and pleasure sometimes getting lost...

even admittedly getting lost on purpose so our words might affect and effect to touch someone deep...

leaving an impression were rust cannot corrode...

because they will polish it there as much as we polished it here beneath our pen...

worrying it until we fear that it has lost its first intent and become polluted to the profligate nature of our generous yet self serving hearts...

neither our hands nor hearts being fully clean and purposely dirtied for your pleasure...

t'would seem we revel in abomination for your view that you might pity us in our path and words...

then dare we censure one another when our neighbor's verse is more salient then ours and our ears burn with the intended or unintended meanings we see to object to?

Would we not do the same if we gave a moments pause to such deeds as we adjure?

Probably but don't ask one of our kind to be too honest because in being honest we become absurd and you think we jest...

much truth we hide in our verses and you will never know the difference...

Whether it serves us or you and maybe us both...

we play hide and seek for amusements of both and are stayed in the silence of our absurdity and profligate hearts.

Sadomasochists to the end.

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lilmissbookworm profile image

lilmissbookworm 6 years ago

wow, deep words. Thankyou for the good read:)

SilentReed profile image

SilentReed 6 years ago from Philippines

Chains and whips, a sado-masochist's delight / Better the pen to inflct pain and give pleasure / some people simply cannot stand physical pain in silence...OUCH :))

Jaggedfrost profile image

Jaggedfrost 6 years ago Author

@ lilmissbookworm and @ SilentReed: Welcome and I thank you good friends... who so liberally give what cannot be valued... and in estimation grows as none can measure... A pleasure still.

Dave Mathews profile image

Dave Mathews 6 years ago from NORTH YORK,ONTARIO,CANADA

with only the exception of our mouths, our pen is the most powerful of weapons that mankind has for good or for evil.

Brother Dave.

Jaggedfrost profile image

Jaggedfrost 6 years ago Author

Yet, my friend, for your frankness men will bless you... If one saw me for me and you for you they would find us the same yet difference... This verse I enjoyed myself at my own expense... mocked the craft that I so much enjoyed... taking pleasure in proliferating still.

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