We All Have The Right To Be Loved

We all have the right to be loved

no matter what age, or what sex.

The feeling of knowing

how special we are,

where love, truth and honisty reflect.

the joining together of two people

yet being together as one,

with dreams, fun laughter and harmony

need never seem like it has gone.

To share all your warmth

all your time,

and to feel totally safe

and content deep within.

A true meaning of enjoying all of your life

where dreams, hopes and desires begin.

The contentness of just falling asleep

with arms around you

tight and secure,

watching over you my sweetheart tonight

making you safe, happy and loved evermore.

I hold out my love to you sweetheart

never ever take them away

never part,

As I hold you so closely to me

as I offer you love from my heart.

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peter.matthews 5 years ago from West Sussex, England Author

thank you

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ReviveUK 5 years ago from Stockport, UK


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