A Romance Novel: Crimson Skies - Scene Three

Romantic Adventure

Trent woke to find he and Summer were all the way on one side of the bed with sheets, towels, and toys all over the place. He smiled as he kissed her while she slept. He wouldn't have been up at 5 a.m. if he hadn't heard his phone ring. He knew it was the agency. His employer. His boss.

" Yes," he reminded himself, "I do have a job."

With that he answered not knowing what was to come next. That's the way it always was with this job doing investigations, finding lost princesses, or whatever happens to come up.

"Professional Services Inc.," an articulate woman said answering the phone. It was Angela. She did a little bit of everything around there. At least in her area that is. There's someone filling her position on each of the 15 floors of the building. Angela, though was Trent's "go-to" girl when he needed to know what was happening at any given moment.

"What's going on Ange?" Trent inquired patiently while cuddling up to Summer making much to much noise for this early hour.

"It's a painting," Angela said. "It was stolen from a private collector Chesterfield Warner Dillingsworth III in New York. Apparently he discovered it had be replaced by a forgery last night when he returned to his condo after an evening out with friends.

"Why does William want me to work the job?" Trend questioned her about the big guy's intentions.

"Think about it. You got back that stolen Matisse that was taken from the Museum of Modern Art. Wasn't that about five or six years ago? Dance (1) if I remember correctly? she countered.

"Yeah, I chased after those naked ladies for a long time. I knew it was just a matter of time. A painting that large just can't stay hidden for long," he said. "Well thanks for the pep talk Ange. Pick me up at the airport in a few hours?

"Will do."

Summer had gone in for a shower while Trent was on the phone.

"I'll be right out," Trent called out running to jump in the shower before she turned the water off.

"A girl can't be fast enough around you," she said grabbing her towel and making her way out.

He didn't even get a chance to tell her... The next thing you know he's pulling a golf shirt over his damp hair and the water beaded up on his bare muscular chest. He zipped up his Dockers and was off to dry his hair.

"Where are we going?" asked Summer.

"Well, it's me. I've got to get to O'Hare so I can get started on a job in New York. You stay here and finish your piece for the news and we'll meet up in a few days for a picnic in Central Park.

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Mr Love Doctor profile image

Mr Love Doctor 4 years ago from Puerto Rico

Don't tell me, he's already been in the sack with Ange and Summer is going to find out! Drama begins here!

lisasuniquevoice profile image

lisasuniquevoice 4 years ago from Michigan Author

Mr. Love Doctor,

You wish he was going off with some other babe. Typical male attitude.


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