A Rondeau: Conquer Your Fear.

Rebirth Dreamlight


A Rondeau: Conquer Your Fear.

Awful fear can strike in the night.

Causing a huge horrific fright.

Where the nothingness can be seen.

A cruel creature who is very mean.

Be strong, have courage, use your might.

With courage, you will be alright.

Monsters will not take a huge bite.

Close your eyes and happily dream.

Conquer your fear.

Open your eyes and use your sight.

Qpen your mind and see the light.

With a great spirit that is clean.

When darkness ends love is so bright.

New dreams will be wonderfully keen.

Conquer your fear!


I think I have warned everyone I am new at this and I am really new at writing Rondeau poetry. And I feel like I am not very good at it so I am going to keep trying until I succeed. In many ways trying to write poetry is very scary for me because I feel like I don’t know what I am doing at all. And yet I keep pecking away at the keyboard hoping to hone my writing skills and become a better writer and perhaps a little bit of a poet. So I am afraid to fail at writing poetry.

But I feel like my efforts will be rewarded and that is the dream. I dream to be a better writer. I must conquer my fear.

And I am not completely thrilled with this Rondeau poem either. But I am going to keep work at it and persist until I finally get this down. I don’t know if art can be learned. I believe it is intrinsic to one’s soul but I am going to give it the old college try and see if I have the soul of a poet.

And perhaps I will write one more and ask your indulgence as my audience and perhaps I will actually provide you with a product which you enjoy.

It is probably a mistake to publish my beginning poems as I am a novice and in years I will be much better but I feel like if I share my journey that is also part of the journey.

Rondeau Poetry

Again I would rather refer you to the link to Rondeau Poetry. I feel incapable of explaining this type of poetry. It is really challenging. I recommend anyone who has the ideation to give it a gander.

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