A S-notable Friend.

A S-notable Friend

She's snow angel
but when she's

sitting there
on a Saturday night
all alone
with snow man,
she just goes out

and makes one.

One with lovely dark eyes,
and a big smile,
and a nose that gets
in the way,
when she

kisses him.

He's just about her height,
and a wee bit chubby
cause he's really

big on flakes,
and she's been called
that once or twice.

But he always is happy
to wear her favorite scarf,
and he wears his hat jaunty,
sort of devil may care,
but snow big deal to him.

But best of all

he melts
in her arms

when she hugs him,
she likes that.

Oh, he'll never win a
snow belly prize,
but he's snow nice,
and he keeps her company,
as they sing "The First Snow-el."
and watch the Christmas lights
come on all around them.

He waits for her snow matter
how long it takes her to get ready,
and then they're off to a snow ball,
her pulling him on my sled,
to the ice skating pond.

They dance together till dawn.
then He usually breaks up on her,
and falls to pieces,
but oh what fun they have,
on those lonely holiday nights-

"Snow kidding!!"


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