A Seperated Peace.

A seperated peace!



A seperated peace!

When we separate
all that we cherish
from the flesh,
we move to a much
higher place, and
commune with angels
and God himself,
if we do so in a pure
and needed way to
achieve a calm only
the heavens can give.
I remember when I gave
the only order possible
to shut off my mothers
life support system,
with a trembling hand
and teary eyes,
I held her hand
and felt it growing cold,
but in that few moments
it took to chill
a peace unlike anything
I had ever known
washed over me
and made me feel
so wonderful in the face
of so much sorrow,
and I knew she had
touched my heart
on her way out
and up to a
better place.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~©-MFB III


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