A Shining Moment

A child once walked across a field
Buttercups and daisies all abloom.
The sun was warm upon her head,
The air was filled with sweet perfume.

I was that child, I'll ne'er forget
The beauty of that day,
What joy was mine
A voice within me whispered "stay."

Slowly, as in a dream, I sank down,
Tall grass waving 'round me.
A soft breeze caressed my cheek,
Like some living thing I could not see.

That day was many years ago,
And yet I still recall it so.
I couldn't understand it then,
I was a child, but now I know.

It was His presence that I felt.
My Lord was with me in that field.
So long in ignorance was I,
The truth to me is now revealed.

© Lavinia M. Garbarino

About This Poem

My grandmother wrote this poem and I thought I would share. She was a religious, fun-loving, warm-hearted sweet soul. I have thought of her and this poem and how the innocence of childhood keeps one close to God.

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Patty Kenyon 4 years ago from Ledyard, Connecticut


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carozy 4 years ago from San Francisco Author

Thank you :)

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