A Smite to Temporary Gifts!

Hmmm...very little content, eh? Poetry should be exempt from this filter, no? Well, in the spirit of sincere additive content, I'll add a couple of "author's comments". This is a poem in which I'm taking a healthy bit of liberty with approximate rhyme. I was similarly inclined to take said license with meter, and labored with syllabic economy only as it affected accentuation.

Okay, enough self-indulgent pseudo-analysis! Here's the poem:


A Smite to Temporary Gifts!

We must grieve for they whose childhood years were naught
as they are bound in many mournful mysteries’ ways
To pine and cling at what, it seems, is permanently lost
Forever wound ‘round history’s bygone yesterdays.

As innocence takes form by more than matters "when",
for also as defenselessness's prey alone.
Indifference’s too readily dismissive chin,
Wreaks such a havoc by carefree chances gone.

The wonder at a rainbow's transitory place -
the gift of unchecked, open love of unstained heart -
a freedom to embark on new whimsy's last embrace.
How bitterly unfair a fate these gifts depart!

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